Nov 052008

I’m very confused and disappointed by the hateful response some people have to President Bush.  Just because you don’t like him or agree with things he’s done doesn’t mean you have to be crude and nasty.

Although I wound up voting for McCain in the end, this was a tough call for me this year.  It’s the first time I wasn’t able to make up my mind many months before the election.  That says something, although I admit I’m not sure what.

While I certainly understand the passion people can have, especially for someone as engaging as Mr. Obama, I don’t get the kind of hate that flows in the other direction.  It’s shameful, and it makes me sad to have to listen to it from so many people I otherwise like and admire.

All that aside, congratulations to President-Elect Obama.  Good job, and good luck, sir.

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Sep 042008

It’s time to admit that we need to keep the Space Shuttle flying for a few more years. We simply can’t give up our only access to space (and the space station) for multiple years until Constellation is ready to fly.

This is especially critical now, with our relationship with Russia taking on a more complicated edge, and with Congress about to recess without approving permission to buy more seats on future Soyuz craft. As NASA administrator Mike Griffin says, this is going to almost unavoidably result in a period of time during which only the Russians will be aboard the International Space Station.

This can’t be allowed to happen. Congress needs to get off its butt and fund both the Space Shuttle through 2014 as well as fully fund the Constellation program. It’s time to man up, boys, and do what needs to be done to ensure the United States maintains its leadership role in space exploration.

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Aug 262008

Repeat after me: Don’t discuss politics with friends.

I have far too many left-leaning friends with whom I have extremely strong differences of opinion to engage in political debate with them. They tend to all come at me at once, so that I feel like I’m being ganged up on by them and their (from my perspective) ill-informed views.

It’s not conducive to legitimate discussion, and I always wind up offended and frustrated, which usually results in me storming off in a huff.

Here are a few examples of ways good friends can force me to withdraw from a political discussion in sheer exasperation:

  1. Repeatedly call our leaders lunatics or idiots without backing it up with any kind of logical argument.  Me, if I don’t like someone, I just say that.  Just because I disagree with someone doesn’t make them an idiot or a lunatic.
  2. Insist that someone’s motives are entirely driven by greed, malice, or sadism, despite a total lack of evidence that such is the case.  If you honestly think that, you’d better have a reason for it, otherwise shut the hell up.  Just because you don’t understand why someone does something doesn’t mean their motives are impure.
  3. Argue that our country shouldn’t defend its interests, no matter where in the world those interests lie.  Isolationism doesn’t work, and never has.

I think it’s a low form of debate to use such arguments as 1-3, and I think people that don’t think we should defend our interests around the world are just stupid. I’m fine with arguing degrees to which things should be done, but to flat-out argue against it is insane.

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May 242008

As those of us in the United States settle into our extended weekend this Memorial Day, I think it’s important not to forget that it’s not just a day off from work.  It’s a time to remember those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.

Thank you to everyone who’s served, from the Revolution to Operation Iraqi Freedom.  You have my deepest respect and appreciation.

And a quick note to my colleagues at Mozilla (whether employees or contributors): have a good weekend, but be careful out there!

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Jun 012007

Yesterday, the Tennessee state legislature passed a bill banning smoking in most workplaces, with the only exceptions being those that do not admit people under the age of 21, businesses with 3 or fewer employees, or nursing homes (figuring that the dying deserve to smoke if they want to, I guess).

This is wonderful news, and I’m very happy about it.  The governor intends to sign it, and from what I understand, enforcement will begin on October 1.

Finally I’ll be able to come home from taking my 2-year-old daughter out with me to a restaurant without her coming home reeking of smoke.

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Apr 092007

In about an hour, we head for the airport to send me on my way to California for the MoCo Q1 onsite meeting. In theory the developer relations team is getting together to meet over breakfast tomorrow or Wednesday, but realistically I know that we have a history of not managing to pull it off. Shaver’s a popular guy (or at least has a lot of demands on his time), so getting everyone together in one place to actually discuss things is tricky.

Once again, the meeting has been scheduled at a time that I have to leave early — I’ll be heading home Thursday morning. Our season tickets for the theater have just happened to coincide with the past three of these quarterly onsite meetings. Sure not interested in skipping it after spending all that money to buy the tickets. :)

Today I fly through Atlanta. As they say down here, “If you’re flying Delta, the road to hell goes through Atlanta.” I get to spend a couple of hours there to chill out, but would prefer if it were somewhere more mid-journey. Oh well…

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Oct 092006

So the North Koreans tested a nuke. What do we do now? I certainly don’t like the idea of a country run by a loon like Kim Jong-Il having nuclear weapons. In my ideal world, we’d test one of our own in their country. Maybe two or three. You know, until they learn that nuclear weapons aren’t very nice at all.

Of course, in an ideal world, nobody would have them — or, more to the point, feel the need to have them.

In reality, I don’t know what to do, although something has to be done. The problem is that once a country has them, the options of ways to take care of the problem get pretty slim.

What a mess.

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