Apr 282006

My cold has gotten worse; I’ve got a fever somewhere around 102 right now, and can’t concentrate on much of anything. I got some editing done today, but haven’t gotten around to uploading the revised code samples yet. If I feel up to it, I’ll do that over the weekend, otherwise I’ll deal with it Monday.

Being hit with one thing after another that screw up my productivity, just weeks after starting a new job, really sucks. Not that there’s anything anyone can do about it, but it’s still very annoying.

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Apr 282006

After a few suggestions from various folks, and some edits to my articles they’ve made, today hope to upload revised versions of the samples that go along with a couple of them. The changes are pretty minor, but are worth getting transferred into the downloadable samples.

They mostly consist of easier ways to do things; although my samples work, the code takes some roundabout approaches that seemed like a good idea at the time.

If you want to know the nitty-gritty details of why I “hope” to get this done, rather than “will” get this done, see this post.

The next thing on my plate is to begin getting organized to do documentation work for JavaScript 1.7 and eventually 2.0. Should be fun.

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Apr 282006

I seem to have caught my daughter’s cold, judging by the swollen throat and head so stuffed up that it keeps flopping over on my neck like a beach ball balanced on a fingertip.

Went to bed last night at around 10:30. Woke up at midnight… 1:15… 1:50… 2:30… 3:20… 3:55… etc. Finally gave up at around 6. Trying to get myself hydrated, but it’s slow going when swallowing hurts so much.

Any time now, Sophie will wake up and I’ll have my first shift with her for the day. She’s still got this cold, and, on top of that, has two new teeth coming in, so she’s generally pretty miserable. The teeth coming in are her upper left center and lateral incisors.

Between feeling lousy, not getting any sleep to speak of, and the baby, today will be a long, long day.

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Apr 252006

I’ve finally finished and posted my article and corresponding sample code covering how to localize a Firefox extension:


In addition, I’ve gone back through the previous samples and fixed a glitch that caused a garbage character to appear in the tooltip on Linux and other systems that use both CR and LF for end-of-line characters. The old version of the code was stripping just the last character. The new version finds the last CR and the last LF and yanks them out.

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Apr 242006

The cable guy came and went this morning. He tested the line, said it was good, and replaced the modem. Now it’s about five hours later, and the connection is down again. I guess I get to call Charter (again) when the meeting I’m in right now ends.

However, it was up long enough for me to get the localization sample code finished, and the article is just about ready to start posting. I’ll try to get it posted by tomorrow morning sometime.

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Apr 242006

I’m still working on my localization sample; it’s slow going when your Internet access keeps going away. I’ll be calling the cable company (again) in the morning to complain that they still haven’t sent anyone to replace what’s apparently a bad modem.

Of course, they could be completely wrong about what the problem is.

Oddly, it seems to work much better late at night, early in the morning, and when it’s been raining for a few hours. There’s something seriously whacked with that.

The localization sample will be the last in the extension series for the time being; I’ll be starting work on some other stuff after that. I do intend to revisit extensions before long, though; there are a few more things I’d like to experiment with and write up.

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Apr 222006

Strangely, the worse our weather gets, the better my cable is. We’ve had more reliable cable since the big storms started rolling through last night. I just hope it holds out for a while so I can enjoy real connectivity this weekend — a whole weekend relying on dialup would really suck.

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Apr 202006

As a dad, one thing that really bugs me is how mom-centric the world tends to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, moms rock, and they do so much!

But picking up a magazine on parenting that has the slogan “The best resource for moms” or rubbing lotion into your baby’s tushie from a tube labeled “Favorite of mothers everywhere” is kind of like saying, “Dad, you don’t count at all.”

In this day and age when dads are trying hard to be more involved and are spending more and more time with their kids, isn’t it time for that kind of stereotype of mom being the one to take care of the kids to go away?

I don’t spend as much time with my daughter as my wife does, but I’m the one that gets her out of bed in the morning, changes her, fixes and feeds her breakfast, and so forth. I change her clothes fairly often, change her diapers, brush her teeth and gums, and sometimes I’m the one to put her into her pajamas, read her a couple of books, and put her to bed.

It’s frustrating to feel like a second-class citizen in the world of parenting. Parents magazine has a whopping one page in most issues that’s devoted to dad issues. And those are usually about how to get your tired wife to get it on with you. What’s up with that?

I certainly don’t want to take away from all the hard work moms do; I know Sarah does the majority of the work of taking care of Sophie. I just feel like the world needs to grow up a little and realize that dads are trying hard to pitch in too.

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Apr 202006

My cable service has been out on and off for the last three days. I just called them this morning after waiting around because of a notice on their phone system about outages in my area, and discovered that my cable modem’s logs are full of critical errors that appear to indicate that the modem itself has croaked.

This is particularly interesting since this is the third modem that I’ve had here that’s died in only three years or so. I wonder if the signal strength problems have been hurting the modem in some way. They say they’ll get one someone out here to fix it “as soon as we can,” which could be later today, or could be Monday.

The word “frustrating” doesn’t begin to cover it. At any rate, these problems and the resulting need to resort to dialup are slowing my work down a great deal. I still hope to get the localization article and sample posted soon, although I doubt it will be sooner than Monday at this point.

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