Apr 042006

Just finished up a while ago my first article in a series I’m going to be doing covering various aspects of creating extensions for Firefox. This first one is a really simple “put static text in the status bar” extension, which is pretty dull, except that it’s going to be the basis for other, more interesting extensions. Feel free to let me know if you see anything wacky about it.

The advantage to this plan to do this series of articles is that I can be productive, writing useful material while at the same time learning concepts I need to know myself. Can’t beat that.

The next article will make the status bar item dynamic, with content being updated periodically from the web. So it actually has some JavaScript code for various chores. Hope to get that posted to MDC in the next day or two.

And so forth. A little more stuff in each version, gradually introducing new concepts. Each article will be accompanied by a downloadable sample developers can use as the basis for their own extensions.

I get a kick out of learning new stuff, so when I get to do that for a living, that’s a great thing.

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