Apr 052006

My home is temporarily broadband-free. The cable company is here trying to fix problems they caused over the last couple of years through a series of botched upgrades and the like. Apparently our cable has never been grounded, which is obviously bad. They’re trying to run a bunch of wire to do that — someone paved concrete down for several yards under the power box they want to ground to, so there’s going to be wire run along under the eaves of the house for quite a distance.

So right now, I’m using Bluetooth dial-up networking through my Treo 650 to do some little bits of stuff online.

I’ve got my new MacBook Pro partly set up. It has Windows XP on it, courtesy of Boot Camp, and it runs very nicely. They do indeed have real drivers for the graphics; I’ve played a bit of Doom 3 on it and it’s quite playable, getting around 35 FPS on average. Not bad for a laptop.

Of course, Firefox was the first thing I installed on it, so I could use real software to download everything else I need. Feel free to chuckle, but one of the things I downloaded is AOL. I don’t really use AOL much anymore, but I keep my account because I use the account name for iChat, don’t want to give it up, and am a charter member, having signed up back in the days when it was still AppleLink Personal Edition. So I get a nice discount.

I actually mostly use AOL for the bundled virus and spyware protection you get on Windows, nowadays. And I use it for dialup in emergencies.

Hitting “DHCP Refresh” in my router’s configuration setup, I see that I’m still getting a bogus IP address, so I guess they’re still not done with the repairs. I sure hope they get the cable working again tonight — I don’t want to miss Lost, now that I’m all caught up at last!

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