Apr 052006

I received my new MacBook Pro for work about 30 minutes ago, and am working on getting it all configured the way I want it. It’s in the middle of installing software updates right now. After that, I can sync .Mac to get all my information over to it, and get the rest of the software I need installed.

Although… before I install the software… I’m going to try installing Boot Camp on it. It’d be interesting to see WinXP in action on it, and I can think of cases in which it would be handy to have XP along with me on the road. Good thing I happen to have a Windows XP with Service Pack 2 install CD here. Lucky me.

The unit I have is the 2 GHz model with a gigabyte of memory, and I have a second stick of a gigabyte here to install when I get to it.

I’m going to need to drive this machine hard for a while to be sure it’s in good shape — it appears to be a revision C board instead of the newer, less glitchy, revision D. If I don’t run into any trouble, great, but if I do, I’m going to need to know sooner rather than later.

The next few days will tell.

In other news, I’ve posted my second article, Creating a dynamic status bar extension. This article covers creating a status bar extension that fetches a stock quote that updates every few minutes, along with a dynamic tooltip that shows more detailed information about the stock.

So this one is actually kind of useful, as long as you’re either comfortable editing the JavaScript code or don’t mind only being able to see Google stock quotes. An upcoming article will expand the sample to include the ability to configure what stock to watch.

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