Apr 062006

We watched last night’s episode of Lost fairly late last night. It was… interesting.

Not the best episode by a long shot. But very interesting to learn that Libby was in the same psych ward as Hurley. I wonder why. Was she ever a shrink, or did she just learn to fake it from being around them for a long time?

I was hoping for more new revelations about the hatch and Dharma than we got.

Something interesting my wife, Sarah, and I noticed, though. It’s a lot harder to get satisfaction from individual episodes than it is a number of them at once. We watched the first season and the first 17 episodes of the second season over the course of about a week and a half, so we were seeing something like three episodes every night for that time, more or less. You got a lot of information very fast that way.

Now it feels like it’s coming at a trickle, and it’s strangely unsatisfying.

We’ll get used to it.

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