Apr 062006

A guy from Charter called this morning to let me know they were on their way. “Great,” I think to myself, “they’re coming to finish repairing all the problems with our wiring.”

When they showed up, I opened the door, and there’s a guy with a DVR. He’s been told to install it. He was quite confused when I said that was done yesterday and that we were waiting for someone to finish other repairs.

Him and his partner putzed around the house for over an hour before my wife got fed up with them being completely clueless and threw them out. They were clearly in way over their heads.

The guy that was here yesterday called about half an hour ago and says he’s still coming today, although it might be late. Apparently all Charter’s techs have been called out to do a repair on a fiber conduit that some yahoo shot. With a gun.

Life in the South. Gotta love it.

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