Apr 092006

I tried yesterday’s new beta of Parallels on my iMac Core Duo last night, and as soon as I hit the button to start the virtual machine, my system panicked. Not exactly confidence-inspiring. I may wait for another update or two before I try it again. I really would rather use it than Boot Camp under normal circumstances, since rebooting sucks.

I ordered a book on SOAP programming in Perl today via Amazon. I’ve needed one for a while, since I have a few side projects I want to do that I’d like to implement using SOAP, which at present I know only a tiny, tiny little bit about. Sounds like a very cool technology that I can do a lot of stuff with once I know my way around it.

And in the “interesting unplanned use of technology” department, there’s a program for the MacBook Pro now called iAlertU, which uses the sudden motion sensor to detect if someone is moving the computer, and activates an alarm if you do. This isn’t new; it’s been done before for certain earlier PowerBooks. What is new is that you can use your Apple Remote to toggle the alarm on and off; if you have the remote paired, only your own remote should be able to successfully turn the alarm on and off. It doesn’t even matter to me if it’s useful or not; that’s just an awesome hack.

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