Apr 102006

I’m just about done with the third sample I’ve been working on; it’s all working nicely — I think — but the stock market closed, which makes it hard to be absolutely sure everything’s working right. Imagine my frustration trying to debug why my code was never refreshing the stock value as I worked past the close of the market. :)

I updated the most recent sample this morning, but have another update that needs to be done — however, I’m hanging onto that until the morning for the same reason; I want to confirm it works when the market’s actually seeing some action.

The next sample (the third one, which I’m working on now) adds a menu to the status bar panel that lets you pick among several stocks to watch, and adds a preference window for configuring a stock to watch that’s not on that list.

After that, I’ll be doing a sample that covers how to localize the extension.

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  4 Responses to “Extensions”

  1. Will the localization sample use locale extensions for the stock market extension? I’m curious to see that feature of Firefox 2 in action!

  2. Good question; I’ll have to investigate that. I haven’t done any looking into the new stuff Firefox 2 does yet.

  3. http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Writing_localizable_code has some hints on style stuff important to localizers.

    I’m not sure if the locale extensions already landed, btw.

    I’ll be happy to look at your sample and review it, too.

  4. Thanks, that’s good to know. If they haven’t landed yet, then I’ll just do what I can with the localization for now, and revisit it later.

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