Apr 172006

This is a new word I’ve invented. Here’s the definition:

connegativity (n.) A state of unreliable Internet connectivity.

My cable modem has been going on and offline every few minutes all day, and for some reason, my Treo is refusing to keep a connection for even that long for some reason.

The symptoms really make me suspect that this is once again related to Charter’s ongoing and very distruptive upgrading of their network to support cable telephony. But I’m going to give them a call here in a minute to confirm it.

Anyway, I’m trying to work on redoing the stock watcher samples to be more consistent with the later versions, by making them use objects. Of course, it’s tricky to test the code when your cable modem is alternately up and down.

Once I get that retwiddling done, I can finish up my localization sample, which is mostly finished, except it needs to incorporate a few improvements I came up with while reworking the previous samples.

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