Apr 202006

As a dad, one thing that really bugs me is how mom-centric the world tends to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, moms rock, and they do so much!

But picking up a magazine on parenting that has the slogan “The best resource for moms” or rubbing lotion into your baby’s tushie from a tube labeled “Favorite of mothers everywhere” is kind of like saying, “Dad, you don’t count at all.”

In this day and age when dads are trying hard to be more involved and are spending more and more time with their kids, isn’t it time for that kind of stereotype of mom being the one to take care of the kids to go away?

I don’t spend as much time with my daughter as my wife does, but I’m the one that gets her out of bed in the morning, changes her, fixes and feeds her breakfast, and so forth. I change her clothes fairly often, change her diapers, brush her teeth and gums, and sometimes I’m the one to put her into her pajamas, read her a couple of books, and put her to bed.

It’s frustrating to feel like a second-class citizen in the world of parenting. Parents magazine has a whopping one page in most issues that’s devoted to dad issues. And those are usually about how to get your tired wife to get it on with you. What’s up with that?

I certainly don’t want to take away from all the hard work moms do; I know Sarah does the majority of the work of taking care of Sophie. I just feel like the world needs to grow up a little and realize that dads are trying hard to pitch in too.

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