Apr 202006

My cable service has been out on and off for the last three days. I just called them this morning after waiting around because of a notice on their phone system about outages in my area, and discovered that my cable modem’s logs are full of critical errors that appear to indicate that the modem itself has croaked.

This is particularly interesting since this is the third modem that I’ve had here that’s died in only three years or so. I wonder if the signal strength problems have been hurting the modem in some way. They say they’ll get one someone out here to fix it “as soon as we can,” which could be later today, or could be Monday.

The word “frustrating” doesn’t begin to cover it. At any rate, these problems and the resulting need to resort to dialup are slowing my work down a great deal. I still hope to get the localization article and sample posted soon, although I doubt it will be sooner than Monday at this point.

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