May 312006

The guys that Charter sent out yesterday poked around and as usual said their tests indicate everything’s fine. However, they know that’s not really the case, so they said that today they’ll be sending people over to run a new line, “which we almost never do.”

Um… haven’t we been told like three times before that we’re going to get a new line run?

Ah, communication. It’s a great idea that somehow skipped over Charter’s head.

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May 302006

Today is the first day of the ninth week of our cable modem problems courtesy of the buffoons at Charter Communications. Sarah just got off the phone with them and basically they thought it was all fixed on the 19th, thanks to yet another miscommunication within their dolt-ridden organization.

They swear they’re sending a tech (oh, boy, another one of their idiot techs) to evaluate the problem and decide what needs to be done. I can’t help thinking we’ve been down this road before… four or five times.

Interestingly, they also claim that our local “technical manager” had never heard of this problem until today, which makes me wonder what rock he lives under and what he’s been smoking while under it, since he’s had at least a dozen different guys out here repeatedly over the last two months.

The degree of incompetence I’ve seen from Charter is mind-boggling in the extreme. I have little real hope of ever seeing this problem fixed anymore. They’ll just drag their feet until life at dialup speeds drives me to suicide.

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May 272006

To my utter lack of surprise, Charter failed to show up to do the work they were scheduled to do today. So I’ve finally decided it’s time, and filed a grievance with the Tennessee Regulatory Agency, which deals with customer disputes with utility companies.

Next time we talk to Charter, we’ll see if it lights a fire under them when we mention that.


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May 262006

The cable company sent out a supervisor to check some things out; they say a crew will be here today to get the work done, but it’s after 4 PM now and there’s no sign of them. This is getting pretty irritating.

It’s been fun and educational to keep pulling down and building the JavaScript 1.7 alphas, watching as the new features pile in. The new let keyword is now mostly implemented, although there are issues with it — one of the examples I wrote turned up a glitch that needs to be resolved. The JS 1.7 introduction document is mostly finished now, pending the finalization of let and a looking-over by the guys doing the code.

I’ve also now started on the Firefox 2.0 for Developers document. Digging up the details is going to take a little time, but I’ll get there. This one I’ll be moving over to the MDC wiki as soon as my cable situation stabilizes, because it needs more input from others. But until I have reliable Internet service, I’d better keep it local.

Man, I can’t wait to stop working like a hermit.

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May 242006

While I slept, destructuring assignment got checked into JavaScript 1.7. I got it built and played with it for a while this morning. It’s going to be a nice addition to the language, I think. A few of the samples from the proposal document don’t work yet, because they rely on other features that haven’t landed yet.

Destructuring assignment is the ability to pull multiple return values from a function, like this:

function f() {
  return ["Jerry", 5, true];
var [a, b, c] = f();

After running this code, a is “Jerry”, b is 5, and c is true. You can also ignore results:

var [a, , c] = f();

This ignores the value 5 from the result.

So that’s pretty neat.

Some folks might wonder why I’ve not yet posted the doc onto MDC. There are two reasons. The main reason is that with my Internet access constantly going up and down, it behooves me to keep it on my local wiki so I can access it even when I’m not online. Having my own copy of MediaWiki running on my Mac at home has really helped productivity during my long bout with the cable company.

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May 232006

At this exact moment, my cable modem is online. It’s been on for no more than 50 minutes at a time for the past several days now, and usually much shorter times.

When it does happen to be on, the performance is pretty good, despite packet loss up to 80%. Imagine how nice it would be if it were working properly!

Sounds like the JavaScript 1.7 stuff is going to be landing pretty soon, which means I should be able to get more work on the docs for it. I look forward to playing with more of the new stuff to see how it works.

I’m taking advantage of the current spot of functional broadband to download and upload large files that need transferring. I’m sending along scans for an archival project I’m working on while I download Xcode 2.3, which was just released today. I can’t let myself be behind the times on my development software!

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May 212006

Is my cable modem connection. We’ve been offline more or less nonstop for two days now. It comes up for a few minutes now and then, but it’s so unpredictable that we can’t make any use of it. By the time we realize it’s back on, it’s in the process of falling apart again.

This is remarkably frustrating.

In other news, we have about two weeks until my parents arrive to spend about a week here for Sophie’s first birthday. My brother’s planning to be here too, although we don’t yet know when he’ll arrive, since he has work keeping him busy. We’ll see.

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May 192006

In theory, one more week until my cable is fixed. I’m not holding my breath. Supposedly they’ll be out on the 26th with a crew to replace all our exterior cable, and to reground the lines. I don’t know if it will help.

As I was going through the stuff that needs editing on MDC, I found that most of it is related to plugins, which I haven’t spent any time with before, so I’ve decided that before I try to twiddle those docs to make sense, I’d better actually write a little plugin.

I’m sure it won’t do anything of real consequence, but at least then I’ll know what I’m doing when I start writing.

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May 162006

I’ve just posted a new article on building and using the JavaScript shell. It’s a handy way to experiment with JavaScript — especially if you want to try out new features of upcoming versions of the language.

The idea to do that article came about while I was experimenting with the new JavaScript 1.7 stuff and running into things into things I didn’t know what to do with. So I figured an article would be a good idea.

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