May 022006

They think they’ve figured out why our connection keeps going up and down, even though the cable modem continues to say it’s working. There’s noise on the line, coming from somewhere outside our house — and probably outside our neighborhood.

They’re working on finding it so they can fix it now. The guy that was here this morning says he’ll call once they figure out where it is, to give an estimate for how long it’ll take to fix. We’ll see.

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  2 Responses to “Cable progress”

  1. Yep, the bands become crammed. Here, in Europe it gets worse too. DVB-T getting interferenced by other signals, WiFis interfere mutually, etc. IMO, fibre glass is the way to go in the future. Btw., isn’t CCTV’s cable of coaxial type? Should be resistent to interferences, or should it?

  2. Apparently the interference was coming from another node in the cable system local to us. Our cable network here is fiber-optic, and one of the nodes that converts fiber to the coax that actually goes into the homes apparently was spewing noise onto the lines. They spent all day yesterday going to every node in our area, tuning them up, and finally came back to the house here at about 8:30 PM to see if it was working again. After a few more tweaks to our cabling here at the house, it seems to be working. At least, it hasn’t failed again since then. We’ll see if it holds up.

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