May 032006

To my utter lack of amazement, our cable failed again this afternoon. Charter is due to come out again tomorrow morning to take yet another crack at it.

This time, the girl on the phone tried to sell me their business cable modem service, under the pretense that it includes quicker response time for service calls.

I think it may be about time to go postal.

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  One Response to “Woe is cable”

  1. Got a call about three hours after I posted this, from the guy that worked on our cable yesterday. Turns out the problem today is the same one that’s been bugging us, but now it’s affecting other people too, and using that information, they’ve been able to isolate the specific node that’s introducing static onto the network. I don’t know if they’ve fixed it yet, but the cable was up most of the day, with occasional brief outages. We’ll see how it goes the next day or two.

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