May 042006

Tonight, being Wednesday, was our Sophie-free night — she spends Wednesday nights with Sarah’s mom. So we decided to use a coupon that expires tomorrow and go to Red Lobster for dinner, over in Knoxville.

As we pulled into the lot, I noticed a red pickup that’s halfway hanging out into the aisle and is parked crosswise across two spaces at a diagonal. I pointed it out to Sarah, grumbling about the incredibly lousy parking job.

Just then, the car backed up a couple of inches, changing my griping from, “What a lousy parking job!” to “That guy’s backing out and doesn’t even have his lights on!”

It seems to be stopped, so I drive around it and pull into a parking space a couple of slots over. That’s when I look over at it and say, “There’s nobody in that truck!”

Sarah got out of the car and ran inside to find the owner of the truck, and I ran over to the truck, put my hands on the vertical post behind the driver’s seat, and pushed, to keep it from rolling backward any more, since in about six more feet it would have been on its way out onto Kingston Pike, one of the busiest streets in Knoxville.

I held the truck there, feeling the brakes giving and catching, but keeping it from rolling, until the owner came running out, fumbling around for his keys.

He was pretty grateful for my help. I bet his insurance company is relieved too.


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  1. I’m aware that I switch back and forth between present and past tense in this little story. Bad editing job done in a hurry to try to get my post done before cable croaked again. :)

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