May 052006

I’ve been plugging away at an initial sketching-out of the “New in JavaScript 1.7” document, which is amusing since I don’t think the syntax has been fully nailed down yet, judging by the latest comments in the assorted Bugzilla entries related to JS1.7.

Some of the new features in JS1.7 are going to be really handy. Others will be useful in certain cases but are mostly just cool. I can see myself using array comprehensions, and definitely expect to use let. On the other hand, generators and iterators aren’t something I expect I’ll personally use a lot, although they’re certainly neat.

It’s an interesting experience writing docs for something that’s not finished being designed yet. I’ve done it before — although on a grander scale; that time, it was the BeOS Media Kit, and it got completely redesigned after six months of documentation work, meaning I had to throw away about 175 pages of documentation and start over.

This time, the work is of a lesser scope, in that there are only a select number of new features being added to the JavaScript language, so even if my initial “this is what the proposals and comments seem to indicate we’ve got cooking” version of the document is completely wrong, it won’t be a huge deal to redo it from scratch.

And it can be very educational to write up something like this, even if you have to toss much or all of it out later.

The other fun thing going on is that Charter was out again today to look at our cable, which of course came back online about an hour before they arrived, and hasn’t failed since. I demanded, this morning, that they send someone today, despite their insistence (as usual) that they couldn’t until Monday. I fully expect it to die sometime during the night, or tomorrow morning. However, they claim they have a monitor watching our connection to see if anything happens.

Unfortunately, a watched link never fails.

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  1. That watched link failed at about 9:45, around 40 minutes after I posted. It just came back up; we’ll see for how long.

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