May 072006

These guys are incredibly incompetent at maintaining their network.  It spent most of the day offline today, then came back on at around 6:30 PM, only go go off again at 8:30 for about an hour and a half.

My connection watcher needs tweaking still — it senses the occasional dropped packet and treats it the same as a real outage.  I need to change it to only consider it an outage if the drop rate spikes, even if not every packet is dropped.

Tomorrow I’ll go somewhere that has more reliable Internet access to work, and let Sarah fight with Charter over this thing.  Probably my mother in law’s house again.

This has now been going on for three weeks.

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  1. I have been with Charter off & on a little over 8-10 years & I despise them with a passion. I have even moved out of state at times just to have other providers like Cox which has good customer support & service, but there is no way around Charter here in Tennessee unless I move to Knoxville & I don’t want to live in that area. They claim that its the customers fault if the internet is slow at a low speed of 1-5mb, and then sucker you into more speeds up to 16mb which never makes any changes to anything other then your monthly bill. Its not my computers, its not my roommates computers, its just poor support & service as the lines have been replaced which they charged me over $60.00 for, then they said it was my modem which I used on Cox with no problems up to 15mb then after getting a new modem they claimed it was that one they sold me for about $55.00, and the bs goes on, and on, and on… I really wish they would go out of business already & die off. I feel sorry for anyone stuck with them, and I feel your pain!

  2. ive worked for them at various times in different positions. they treat their employees like crap. The techs are way overworked, and those who try to get ahead of their daily workload are rewarded with more work. Review time comes, and employees are treated like they don’t do enough, and are graded on a system that only points out shortcomings, but ignores excellence. Quantity of jobs, not quality of work is what they’re looking for. The techs are merely warm bodies to show up at your house to serve as whipping posts. In the systems ive worked at, there is usually problems more inherit in the system level than at your house, but when a tech goes and sees that youve had a number of people there before, connectors have been changed, splitters, etc and you’re still getting tiling or net dropout, there isnt much they can do, as the escalation process is a joke.
    so they change another connector or swap a box so they can say they did something there and make an excuse so they can make it to the next job and when the problem occurs again and you call back, the last tech there gets reamed for it because none of the managers will ever recognize system problems, they just cast blame on the broadband techs, as if they are always the ones who missed the solution.
    When employees are unhappy, they become complacent. They WANT to help you, but really arent given the time or incentive to do so. Headends do upgrades that cause problems, and the techs are left guessing whats going on, because signals are reading good and there are no obvious things that need to be changed at the house, thereby wasting time
    i agree, they do suck. they don’t really care about you, just your money.
    the company has more “managers” and supervisors than they really need, who perform very little function at all, and the turnover rate for technicians is incredible, as they’re thrown into the field with a crash course in training – which would be ok except that dispatchers have them running all over the place trying to route them “efficiently” (obviously they dont even look at maps, and they are usually not even in the same state that the techs are in)

    all in all, what a joke. its too bad the way cable companies own their territories, you cant choose another provider – the only competition is a dish for tv, and slow dsl – and they suck too…

  3. The customer account people are also ineffective. I was quoted a bundle price that included a reduced rate during non-resident time (six months of snow). It turns out this seasonal service rate is not available in California – where Charter was coming to make the connection. I have been trying to get reimbursed for this erroneous quote since December. I may end up in small claims court rather than to allow this Charter Communications rip-off.

  4. I am going to give you ppl some insite. Charter only cares about ur money. they do not care about if the issue is fixed or not. as long as you spend your money it’s a garantee failure. You are all better off with dish network and direct tv. u will have a stable network and ur net wont drop. All charter cares is about selling to you all. sell sell sell sell sell. charter does not care about you or what you need. which is a stable network. They only care about your speding. stay away from charter.

  5. Just trying to read email takes forever. First you get the news feed, then it takes so long to get logged on to the email account,what a waste of time. I now have a new account with gmail and I can read my email quickly. I use the charter account for junk mail.

  6. Hmm doesn’t care about their employees. Except every six months you can take a test to raise your pay over a dollar an hour, as well as the company vehicle to take home at no charge, also the FREE services that you get for being a employee. As far as customer service goes yeah it does suck be so does every other customer service for any other company. This is America get used to the crappy customer service. The technicians are more than knowledgeable at what they are doing in homes. You as customers need to know that the outside system changes a lot and the inside of the house stays the same. There in lies one of the problems, I can’t tell you how many houses that I go to that people complain “this internet drops all the time, it is never on when i need it” and come to find out that their computer is running windows 2000, or that they moved the modem to a different room and bought their own radio shack special splitter. Most of you are probably those types of people that expect it to never have any problems, Do you expect the same of your car to never break down? or owning a home without ever doing any up keep?. This is the real world and go complain about something else that matters. Like how the government cant keep a budget to keep itself running without just printing more money.

  7. I fucking HATE CHARTER!!!!! I have had them for about 8 months and i am completly fed up with them. They have been to my house countless times and the problems still exist. I have basic tv and internet and its like $70! I use my internet for my xbox live and in the middle of a show or game it just suddenly stops working and no matter what i do it wont work. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to days to come back on and i still have to pay for the days im not even using! If you call and get support, you gotta go through the annoying computer assistance and halfway through ts talking about is my laptop working, so how in the hell am i supposed to fix my internet on my xbox? I seriously want to take a sledge-hammer to there shit. I wish i could leave a comment on their site to tell them how fucking gay/worthless they are. Fast and reliable service my ass!

  8. I truly hate Charter Commuciations. Every year they gradually take away channel and move to digital box access only. That is fine, I pay for a box that I choose not to use,. But about the other 3 tv I have in my home that have not neaded a box. So in this economy Charter wants me to play extra for all tv’s to get the same serve that we have hade in the past even though those tv are only used when whe have guest or decide to use that room. All shows are now bombarded with commercial and very little programming and now Charter wants more money to recieve what you have been receiving for years even those prices have been increasing every year.

    Please if anyone has a suggestion to help rid myself of Charter Communications for Ever please let me know, we are so passed ready to be free.

    Thanks for any help

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