May 072006

These guys are incredibly incompetent at maintaining their network.  It spent most of the day offline today, then came back on at around 6:30 PM, only go go off again at 8:30 for about an hour and a half.

My connection watcher needs tweaking still — it senses the occasional dropped packet and treats it the same as a real outage.  I need to change it to only consider it an outage if the drop rate spikes, even if not every packet is dropped.

Tomorrow I’ll go somewhere that has more reliable Internet access to work, and let Sarah fight with Charter over this thing.  Probably my mother in law’s house again.

This has now been going on for three weeks.

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  1. Wow.. Gilroy California.. Gilroy, CA.
    Charter hold the monopoly in my area. I cant find any providers for wired high speed internet.
    I pay for 5mg service, and starting in the beginning of November I began to receive between 1mg and 2mg’s between the hours of 6pm-11pm. PEAK TIMES!
    Here’s where it gets worse. I waited for several days with slow speeds before I finally called Charter (On Nov.9th 2007) to complain about the speeds and they told me they were aware of the ongoing problem, and it would be fixed on Nov.19th. They told me I could call back after the 19th to be credited. I asked why, if charter was aware of this issue, they did not inform their customers or automatically credit affected customers. I was told that the customer had to call in first. So basically they offer a service (an expensive service at that) that they do not provide. Unless you run your own speed tests and catch them in the act, they will gladly cheat you.
    I waited until the 27th before I called back. (The speeds had not changed) The rep. informed me that the problem was fixed on the 19th, and that the issue must be the wiring/modem at my house. I was credited for 10 days (between the 9th and the 19th) but the problem started before the 9th, I wanted credit for the whole month up to that point. The rep refused me and told me the issue began on the 9th when I called and was fixed on the 19th. THAT IS BULL!! When I called the first time (on the 9th) they told me it was an ONGOING PROBLEM, not an issue that I made them aware of by calling. But by not calling sooner how could I prove that now? They scheduled a tech to come out Dec.3rd.
    On December 3rd the tech arrived he already knew what was wrong, He said his company was already aware of the slow speeds during peak times and there was nothing he could do about it. He said he would still run his tests to check my wiring/modem. He checked, and proceeded to tell me that my wiring and modem were fine. He assured me that they were working on the speed issue night and day, and that the problem SHOULD be resolved by the end of the year.(So basically all of November and December) He then called his dispatch center to report the problem. He told me “Between you and me, my supervisor has a huge stack of reports/complaints for the same exact issue on his desk, whenever I bring another one he says put it on the pile.” He proceeded to blame the call center for not being aware of the ongoing problem. He started to pack up and leave when I asked him to wait, I wanted to call the local office and get to the bottom of the issue before he left. I asked him for the local number to his main office, and he gave me a number with a (866) area code. That didn’t seem right, but I called the number. He suddenly became very anxious to leave, packing up his supplies in a rush while I was calling. I was connected to a rep just as he was walking out the door. The rep said they were not a local office, they were a call center based out of state (even possibly out of the country). I told the rep what was going on and what the tech had told me. At this point the tech was just frozen in place listening to my conversation. The rep on the phone put me on hold and contacted the local dispatch for my area. When she came back on the line she said the dispatch told her there were NO PROBLEMS IN MY AREA!!! I was VERY frustrated and wanted an answer to what was going to be done and when was Charter going to start being honest with me. She left my phone number for the district supervisor in my area to call me back.
    It has been 2 days and I’m still waiting.

    I just ran a speed test at 8:59pm 12/04/07.. and the result ??=
    854.4 kbps not even 1mg.

  2. I have had many many problems with Charter, from missed appointments, to outrageous billing, to ignorant customer service, and I finally had it when they billed me over $300 to switch my service from one apartment to my new apartment, they were supposed to INSTALL jacks in the bedrooms and in my home office, well their idea of that ( I was not home, I have a job like most people, and i had my mother sit at my house for them to show, I refused to take off work for them to miss another appointment ) was to run cable, from my ONE jack that was in my home in the living room throuout my ENTIRE APARTMENT i had cables running everywhere, it was rediculous, then they have the gull to charge me $300 for that!!?? I could have done that with $20 and a trip to the hardware store!! So after hours on the phone with “customer service” and their “web support” I just finally called to cancell all services, and finally got someone who cared, he fixed the billing issue, My next bill was only like $60, i ended up not having to pay for any of the installation, I am getting all the premium channels and I am only paying for HBO, which is fine, because it doesn’t work half the time anyways, and for the last year I have only been billed $91.60 for digital cable, all the premiums, and internet service.

  3. I hate charter, they were terrible when I had them. I encourage everyone to boycott them whenever possible. See my website for other goals.

  4. I recently moved to St. Louis from Chicago where I had Comcast. I really like Comcast’s service, channel lineup and broadband performance. My new condo association will not allow dish installation so I was forced to go with Charter as my cable provider. I’ve been shocked at their horrible product, customer service, billing and their technicians. I can’t imagine there is another cable provider in the country with a worse HD channel line up than Charter Communications.

    I have absolutely nothing good to say about Charter Communications and cannot comprehend how they stay in business.

  5. Thursday, February 7, 2008
    Charter Communications: My Second Family
    After sixth months of negotiating, I am pleased to announce that on February 6th, 2008, Charter Communications completed its work order from August 24th of 1941, er, sorry 2007 regarding Charlie and Stacy’s account. Yes, they finally managed to close our account after twelve requests to shut it down and twelve requests to stop billing us for services we’ve not received for six months.

    Charter Communications apparently had a communication problem as this now infamous work order failed to make it through to the next step in their network. . .twelve times. Each time, or each of the twelve times this happened created huge concerns for Charter. One customer service agent named Lee told me he would “communicate” (okay I extrapolated that word) the problem right away. This apparently did not happen the first time, or the next for that matter. It took…twelve times.

    Over the past several months, through my many hours spent on the phone, I feel like I’ve gained a second family over at Charter Customer Services. There’s Ahmad, who was very determined to do something to help me, if I only I knew how or in what way (He had a little trouble communicating with me as my Arabic is a bit rusty). Juan was a lovable, jolly fellow, always worth a laugh–probably at my broken Spanish as I gave it my best shot to communicate with him. But laughter like Juan’s is contagious even if it probably was at my expense.

    When my calls weren’t directed internationally, I was fortunate enough to get to know Wendy who chomps her gum and types a bit slower than the rest of her colleagues. Then there’s Earl, the lovable old codger who teems with information and helpfulness (He knows and leaks important corporate phone numbers–very helpful). I’ll never forget Robbie at corporate–so forthright and accountable with his vows to put an end to such an inexcusable problem, proudly stating, “The buck stops here.” Of course Robbie was just being modest with his estimates as, at last count, 251 of my bucks had stopped there. But what’s $250, more or less, among family? My favorite, though, had to be Alicia, who made it very clear what an ungrateful brat I was for leaving Charter. “It’s your loss; I know my company’s good! You tellin’ me you’ perfect? You think your life is a big, red, rosy perfect bubble?” (I am not making this up). “I can’t help it if you don’t know when you’re being billed” (This either).

    In Alicia’s defense, I had been a little impatient with her (our) family over there at Charter. I was a bit more tired than I had been during call number eight in January when I had to be transfered to the Customer De-escalation Service where Dee (apparently the mother of my second family) asked me a series of introspective questions like, “Sir, do you think if you calm down I’ll be more likely to be of help to you or less likely to be of help to you?” (50-50 chance–Damn! I wasn’t in the mood for those odds.) I was a little less tired, though, than during call number nine in January when I requested they transfer me to the Customer Escalation Service so they could get me properly psyched up to announce to Cheryl that I didn’t appreciate $69.49 being charged to my credit card (They said they don’t have an Escalation Service–You have to motivate yourself). But back to good old Alicia. Alicia shared a lot of wisdom with me in the time I spent with her. Best of all, she also told me I’d get my check in six weeks so I should “Be happy,” a nice send off from my other “family” as we prepared to part ways.

    The last person in my second family that I spoke with must have been the dad of my second family. After discussing my problems with Ron, who is also Alicia’s supervisor, he didn’t know what a big, red, rosy bubble was, and he regretted to inform me that he would not be able to send any big, red, rosy bubbles with my check. That kind of shot down my next question which was “Will they be perfect?” He didn’t even know if there was a recipe for red-tinted bubbles. I was even willing to blow them myself (the bubbles). Apparently Alicia would end up with the last laugh after all–my life isn’t, and never will be, a big, red, rosy, perfect, bubble.

    I’m sure going to miss all those people. It’s kind of sad now. I feel like I’ve become Charter’s Prodigal Son. Then again, there still is the issue of that work order they just completed to “Send [my] check as soon as possible.” Of course, if they continue in their usual communication patterns and mess up this work order, maybe the prodigal son will have to return after all. Maybe my family over at Charter will even kill the fatted calf when I return! Nah, I’d never wish that on Alicia.

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  6. the sad sad thing about it is there isnt enough people to complain to get anything done about it, I contracted for charter for ten years and it is sad how green the techs are im shocked to see them at the right address i use a sat, both kinds. if you have money to throw away go charter, if not get a sat.

  7. You know. I am a System Technician for Charter, before I was a Broadband Technician. I here good and bad feedback. I know that I usually always solve the problem. I know that s*** happens here just like at every one of your jobs. But at least there isn’t a blog talking about all the bad experiences. You will never hear any good news, only bad! Oh ya, mr contractor for ten years, everyone knows that installers are hacks, your half the reason Charter has a bad name at all. I work in New England in the towns of Westborough and Southborough, my customers are pretty satisfied, I have a full list of letter and calls to back me up!

  8. To be fair, this isn’t a blog about Charter, it’s just a few posts related to trouble I had a while back that happens to turn up high enough in Google searches that people keep posting their problems here. And since my connection has gotten sluggish again, I’m more than happy to let people keep doing that. :)

  9. Just spent close to an hour on the phone with 3 different customer service reps disputing my new monthly bill. Basically, when I called to add telephone service, I requested a TOTAL monthly rate from “Kimberly” for the package that was negotiated. That total was $94.00. So, the first bill that I get is for $133.00 – can you say, WTF, Mate???? The song and dance that I got is that the montly bill should be $117.00. Sooo, what happened to $94.00, and why a bill for $133.00????? Well, there is this tax and that fee, and by the way, a monthly charge of two bucks for this, eleven bucks for that, blah blah blah blah….rates have changed since you originally requested your service. What part of TOTAL did “Kimberly” not understand? I gladly offered to make my monthly payment of $94.00, and suggested that the rest should be taken out of Kimberly’s paycheck, Well, I guess that pig’s aren’t flying today, so too bad for me….Can’t really complain about the iternet, cable, or phone service, but the complete deception of rates and monthly fees is a complete crock of crap. Of course, they have you by the nads, so I guess that all I can do is make may monthly payment – live and learn!!

  10. WE don’t have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTRACT, FYI: if you get satellite you will not have service if it’s raining or snowing. Pls don’t forget the charges/fees of your contract. In behalf of Charter, we apologive for any inconveniences…rest assured we are improving our services for the betterment of our valued customers. Honestly computers do sometimes breakdowns–just an honest fact that we have to live by…Happy Day! Put a smile on your face always…any concerns call us: 1-888-GET-CHARTER. We are delighted to be of service to you! :)

  11. I have to be frank abt this. It’s only here that i can voice out. I’m a customer service rep of charter. There are customers that DON’T OR REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND thier bill, wasn’t told completely of the charges and fees when they sign up for any service. We also bill our customers one month in advance–usually Communications cos. do this for security reasons and the customer have the option to cancell/down grade or upgrade their service one month b4. There are also those customers who want ot shop for promotions–its not BAD but just like any other biz, we also need to pay our bills from our providers and pay alot of taxes and fees that government impose which WE NEED TO EDUCATE OUR CUSTOMERS–that w/ the recent increase (Rate Adjustments) we absorbed/shoulder most of the increase. Anyway USA is a free country and WE HAVE the choice what we want–we regret anyone who discontinue their subscriptions–they dont know that satellite other providers trick them w/ contracts, hidden fees, etc. Whewww..thank God…i can voice out myself…thanks for reading!

  12. Charter – an American owned company. Just like most of the American conglomerates these days — outsourcing jobs to Panama, India, anywhere but the good ole U.S.A. I spend hours upon hours over the years on the phone dialing until I get an American on the line. They seem to be the only ones who know what they are doing and capable of correcting problems, etc. Never has anyone of the outsourced reps helped me. And, I have tried. Now I just dial and dial until I get one here in the U.S.A. I got someone in Canada once who told me she hated Americans! Wow! the future looks bleak for my children if we continue to allow these American companies to sale us out. God Bless America! God Help Us!

  13. I am currently a Charter employee and have a bit of pride left to say that I can’t wait to get the hell away from that company. And to all of you customers or former customers out there with problems from this fucked up company, let me just say sorry. And I try to help everyone I talk to. Even if it meant I got less “sales” that day and didn’t transfer you to Panama. No I do not have a college degree, but I think of myself as a pretty intelligent person overall. And most importantly, I am helpful where others don’t give a shit and would rather lie to you to up their commission.

    I hate that company and everything about it with a passion more and more everyday and i wish my building would burn down. Every morning i go to work hoping the building will be burning down like on the movie office space. Lol

    This really is no laughing matter….Charter is a bad bad company and is run by ignorant arrogant pricks who treat their employees like peeons. And as of the first quarter of 2008, I am happy to announce that Charter is not making any head way on even the interest on all of it’s debt….so basically….the company is going down. fast. In fact, today, we were told in a team meeting that the company is doing so badly, they are basically going to start firing ppl/laying ppl off wherever they can.

    Rest in turmoil, Charter. You deserve it because of the hell you’ve put everyone else through.

  14. How do I hate Charter? Let me count the ways:

    1. Service outages and having to wait days for service, being told it’s probably something in the house since they can’t find the fault or service outage info in their systems (no duh!), only to find out it’s them doing upgrades, shotty maintenance or this is a good one – they disconnected my house from a tap to replace the tap and never bothered to re-connect me.

    2. $103/month for only the a few extra channels (not the grand kahuna package).

    3. No help on phone unless you’re new subscriber. No matter what you ask, you get met with “I don’t knows” and “I don’t have that information”.

    4. No NBA TV – hello, basketball fans need love too.

    5. Internet service in my area was a joke thru Charter. The signal kept degrading to nothing and I would be without internet for hours or days. Even when I said I telecommute as part of my job, they wouldn’t get a guy out sooner than 2 weeks later. And guess what – the problem cleared itself up when the upgrade work they were doing near my node was complete. But no communication about possible outages or service degradation and no apologies.

    6. The overwhelming sense from most Charter employess that I’m lucky to have this service and their precious time (with exception to the lone voice above – thank you).

  15. During a storm last week a spike/surge came thru the cable into my house and killed my modem, router, and three computer’s LAN ports (one of the computers was 3 months old another was a custom build that I had gotten through with a month ago and the other was 4 years old ). Before the storm all the computers worked perfectly. On the next day a Charter tech came out and replaced the modem and spent 30-45 minutes checking things out. He told me that what had ahppened was Charter’s fault and told me what form I need to fill out. After speaking with 5 different CSR’s and 2 supervisors, another tech came out today while I was at work and spent 5 minutes looking outside and told my wife it wasn’t Charter’s fault and basically ” Tough luck”. Now I am waiting for a call from Corp office and I am going to let them have an ear full because I am out of use on these computers and the oldest one isn’t able to be repaired due to needing a new motherboard.
    So how am I going to get Charter to pay for the repairs short of taking them to court?

  16. Charter Communications is the lousiest cable operator in existence. I have had the worst experiences with them.
    Right now my cable is out since last evening , actually my entire subdivision is out. I called them this morning and they told me that they are not aware of any outage in my area and that the problem must be with my line only, can you believe that?

  17. Guyys Some One Has To Sue Them. i Can’t Cuz I’m Only 16 But There Internet Service Is Crap There Cable Is Crap And They Shut Off My Phone Todayy. Those Arses Up There Don’t Know What There Doing. Were Switching Over To Vonage For Our Phone And Net Needs.

  18. I just canceled Charter. I don’t have another solution. I called in on a support call regarding some of my HD channels are not delivering sound.

    I hate charter enough that I am going to do without movie channels. I will go with over the air. I will do without as opposed to doing with charter.

  19. Well I got my answer from Charter and they said that it was not there fault and weren’t going to pay. Funny thing is though that my lawyer said that they admitted responsibiltiy when they changed out the modem. As soon as my power company gets the fiber thru here I am going to cancel Charter and then I am going to go on an all out blitz on every web site that I can find and tell everyone just how they did me.

    Charter, you should have paid for the damage you caused.

  20. Yes, yes indeed Charter does suck a big fat one!

    I worked for the company for 3 years in many different department, and can vouch from experience no one in the call centers get communicated the same information.

    The service sucks, and 75% of the market is on a constant intermittent connection binge.

    We are scripted and FAIL Quality assurance if we don’t sell you something. The goal IS to sell you something, sometimes we put you on promotions for 6 months only to let your bill jump $85 when the promotion runs out.

    I’ve worked for the company for 3 years (not anymore) and am proud to say it. I came home with a guilt complex every day thinking about how many customers I lied and cheated just because the company told me to, and how many other employees do the same.

    Did you know that they fire you if you refuse to badger customers into buying more services? The fire people for not making a certain amount of sales per day? Agreed that this is a company that needs to make money, but isn’t that what the SALES department is for? Forgive me, but if I had to call in to complain about terrible service day in and day out I would not want to get harassed every time, and every person I talk to!

    This is Charter Communications every day they come up with a new scheme for the representatives to use to try to swindle customers out of their money, every day they raise price of service without customers knowing.

  21. Not really surprised, by the previous post, where you guys are forced to try and shove services down everyone’s throats. It’s not like we don’t get enough reminders in the mail about how “awesome and cheap” bundling all their services together is until the initial deal period runs out and the price for their services skyrockets to their normal rates.

    Probably wouldn’t expect anything different from a company who is $20 billion in debt and on the verge of filing bankruptcy…

  22. There is a reason why most people in St. Tammany Parish, LA, no longer have Charter cable – they finally had enough with the lies and the incompetence. I was told by a Charter “technical support” person named “Erica in Texas” that she “guaranteed” that my service would be on tonight. The “guarantee” was her word, not mine. I even asked her if she confident in guaranteeing my service would return tonight, and she said again that it was “guaranteed.” So the company line, when the service (as expected; really, it is Charter) didn’t come back on, was “Oh, she shouldn’t have said that. We never guarantee that our service will come on.”

    I believe that I will follow the other 90% of this parish who have left cable for one of the dish systems. I lived in New Orleans for 20 years and never had this trouble from Cox Cable. I wish the politicians in this parish would kick out Charter and bring in a company that could actually tell the truth and provide a decent service.

  23. Hey — I graduated high school in St. Tammany Parish. :)

  24. Dear Anonymous of Course, (April 23, 2008) Thank you for your inside employee scoop. I hope you find a job you really enjoy and you’re appreciated at.

    Can anyone tell me the latest financial status of Charter Comm? I don’t understand all the financial lingo, so just give me the 101 version, or where I can find a layman’s version. I need to know when to start taking the Satellite door-to-door guys seriously. I don’t want to log on one day and find out I no longer have Internet service because the company went under overnight.

    Thanks, all.


  26. Charter does it again. I changed my autopay with them because I changed bank accounts. You guessed it–they screwed the change up and then charged me a late charge. Of course, the on-line chat person couldn’t waive the late charge and the idiot in Mexico kept telling me what I already knew and then would not waive the charge. I give up. But if one of you bozos working for Charter’s customer service ever reads this, your service stinks.

  27. Gary,

    I’ve had that problem. Charter’s online bill payment service doesn’t work. I’ve tried both auto-pay and regular one-time payments. Neither one works, and I wind up with late charges. Losers.

  28. HATE THEM!

  29. I also hate charter!! Sadly where I live Charter is our only option! We have resigned to the fact that we can deal with the cable, but there internet is horrible!! We had charter internet at 15 dollars a month and had some problems. Had a service tech come out that we knew and also knew he knew nothing about computers or IT. My husband new more than he did! Also, we had our internet disconnected because of a billing error on there part, and then was charged 50 dollars a month for internet! I went in to the local office to fix that, but was told nothing could be done because we had our internet disconnected! After fighting with the lady for an hour nothing was resolved. We are currently in the market for a new ISP!
    Our internet, since I told them we were going to switch, has been awful. It has stopped working every few minutes. We wont be switching until January first, and I wanted my kids to be able to participate in Santa Tracker this year. I hope everyone else has a better holiday season then I seem to be having with Charter!

  30. I HATE CHARTER! We have been attempting to get a digital box with HDMI connection since NOVEMBER of 2007… it is now Decemer of 2008! Despite numerous scheduled “delivery” dates and times we have yet to receive one, they are “out” of them…. yeah right.

    At the moment cable has been down since 10pm yesterday after 1 full day of having 138-240 kps download and 1380 kps upload speeds…. they know there was an outage but supposedly that was cleared. Well what do you know.. someone cleared the work order but our neighborhood still doesn’t have service! Every time we call in we are told to wait a few more hours by some, and others as usual want us to tear out home network apart before sending out a tech. I’m so sick of dealing with these idiots but they are the only high speed service in our area.

  31. I HATE CHARTER…! MY INTERNET DIS CONNECTS ME EVERY ******* 5 MINUTES…AND IF YOU HAVE EVER PLAYED ANY ONLINE GAMES AND YOU KNOW HOW ******* ANNOYING THAT IS!!! I bought a brand new top of the line high speed vaio… and i can get 2480kbps processing speed…and I’m ******* to get like 40kbps when the internet is working…which is far less then half of the time…I hate them so much I almost had to restrain myself from throwing my old computer across the room when i disconnected for the fourth time in ten minutes, and I’m usually a fairly calm person…but right now i feel like ******* setting something on fire im so pissed off!!!

  32. The reason Charter Communications has such a rotten customer service departement is because the treat their employees like crap!!

  33. I HATE CHARTER. Every bill statement is different. How is this possible??????? I don’t mean monthly, I mean my paper statement, my internet statement, and what they tell me on the other end when I call to find out which statement is correct, is different. I had THEIR technician come to my house. He hooked up wireless. We have to computers. One day I thought….why do I have a modem upstairs and downstairs if I have a wireless connection. Called them up, THEIR tech told me that I really didn’t need two connections, that the wireless should hit the other computer. I checked out one computer, it had THE WIRELESS SIGNAL GOING INTO THE SAME COMPUTER THAT WAS SENDING OUT THE SIGNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other coputer was hooked up to the wall. Why why why!!!! So I called, they told me sometimes you need two modems, ok fine, but why didn’t they test to see if the 2nd computer would pick up the signal. They said they could not reverse charges because technically I had all the equipment. Yes that is true, but here I was thinking that when I called Charter to install everything, the people doing the installing would know what they were doing. I switched to Lightband locally and guess what…..once hooked up I only needed one connection. I hate having to pay Charter $170 for nothing. Their supervisor was very “I’m sorry I don’t understand, why would you have 2 modems?” ME NEITHER! 30 minutes later nothing different. They will get my $170 and I will happily give any other provider any amount for service. I HATE CHARTER WITH EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF ME CAPABLE OF HATE ARHHHHHHHH. Ok I thought writing it out would make me feel better but I guess not.

  34. I f’n hate charter too… they always tell me there is an outage in my area when i call to say both my cable boxes say i am not authorized
    WTF honestly, not authorized, this happens at least once a month that i know off
    my internet is up and down sometimes it works some times it doesnt. not as bad since my third visit from a tech who rewired 1/2 my house!
    they just want to get you off the phone when you call them
    F charter right up the Arse

  35. Has any one complained to the BBB? I am contemplating cancelling my charter bundle, They tell me since I am an EXISTING customer, and my bundle bill is $132.73 per month, I cannot enroll in their $99.97 per month bundle. We are trying to scale down, and it seems they are holding me hostage to their program by not allowing me to scale down to the $99.97 bundle package. Does anyone have any suggestions, or options? I even called their corporate office, left a voice mail message, no one called me back yet.

  36. In addition to the earlier message, Consumer Report rated charter very poor in all areas.

  37. I have complained to the BBB multiple times. The best I got was some coupons for $5 off a month of service for 6 monthes which is something however not enough. This is the worst company on the planet. We switched to Dish which is way better then charter but we have to keep our internet through charter becasue its the only way we can get a fast connection. Good luck. It took us a year of constant complaints and problems to make up our minds to switch to sattelite but we are much happier now. I still tell everyone I know how bad charter is. Someday I hope they go out of buisness!!!

  38. Can you say they need to fail. OMG! I’ve had service guys out here three times. The send me two different bills neither with correct account numbers. I call they say use a different account number. Then I pay the bill which skipped a month. Then the next month I have a credit and they disconnect me? I call tech support. They transfer my modem via MAC address to the wrong account. The service guy comes out and can’t get it working without being on hold for an hour. Says I need to go into the office because the billing probably isn’t right. How hard is it to transfer an account to a new address? They actually have to give me a new account number. I wrote a letter to the SP of opperations through a marketing email address. They responded and left me a message. I played phone tag several times and eventually gave up. I’ve never worked with anyone or any organization that was so incredibly unorganized. They have system and procedures in place that obviously don’t work. I be they are paying some guy millions to try and figure out how they can save or make some money. I wish we had option B where I live but for now I’m stuck with them. Thanks for the vent.

  39. I despise Charter Communications. I hope they go out of business and fall off the face of the planet. I have HORRIBLE digital cable on-demand quality. Then they lock my email account and I can’t log in, for no reason at all, no failed log in attempts or anything. I contact online help and they can’t even tell me why, so the stupid hag I’m talking to just gets an attitude. THEY ARE RUDE, and INCOMPETENT. Charter needs to quit hiring people from INDIA for their Live Chat Customer Support, and hire some Americans who can type proper English and not have a freaking attitude. Disappear Charter, please. I thought having a monopoly was illegal, yet they have one where I live. There is NO OTHER company.

    Bottom Line: Charter Communications SUCKS.

  40. Charter offered me a phone, internet, cable package $67.95 + tax = $82.00. They screw up my DirectTV, fail to hook up my internet, and don’t even hook up 2 of the 3 tv’s using Charter. Two service calls later it is resolved with one free month of services and hbo free for a year. The first install man leaves the underground crawl space open in my babies room open, where my baby could have fallen below or a bug or animal could have come into his room. Three months later they add a family tier (not authorized by me) and charge twice for HBO. They say they credit 2 months but only credit one. Interacted with 9 Charter employees and 6 were idiots and 3 were great. Needless to say they have gone back on the offer of HBO for free for 12 months and when my current cycle is up they can come pick up their equipment. CHARTER is pathetic!!!!

  41. My phone crackles. My cable is constantly screwing up. My drop to my house is 18 years old and they won’t replace it. I have outages weekly. When I call to report outages they call me a liar because nobody else has reported the problem yet. I had to drive 30 miles round trip to pick up my own digital receiver. They shut me off when I didn’t pay my bill (my internet and phone were out and I pay online) And all this I might only costs $144 per month. What is not to love about Charter?

    Now winter is almost here and unfortunately Charter doesn’t work when it is cold, wet, windy, snowing or pretty much not at all for no apparent reason.

    It was pretty funny when a delivery truck hit the main Charter pole going into town in Superbowl Sunday this year and EVERY Charter repair van was dispatched to work on it. Guess we only need 10,000 to complain about the service before it’s fixed.

  42. Oh the irony! Cathy’s comment was received in the same email pass that received my order confirmation for switching to DirecTV. :)

  43. Well here is a new one for 2010. My wife and I had charter and thankfully moved out of their servicing area and gladly picked up Brighthouse. We live in the B’ham Al area and the part we moved back into has charter or dish/direct tv. Well for the 2 years we had BHouse, never heard from charter about anything. All of the sudden when we hooked service back up with those idiots do we get a call from a collections agency saying we owe over 120 bucks for service they didnt disconnect when we turned in the box, remote, and cable modem. I call them to figure out what the hell is going on and I get people all over the world and finally get someone that can speak english. They told me and my wife that we never turned in the modem and that they kept our service on from nov 2007 to jan 2008 and thats why we owe them the money. After talking to this wonderful person on the phone for over an hour. They tell me that account was sold cause of charters screw up and now I have a collections firm calling my house cause of this. I am so sick of charters crap and to make matters worse, when I set up new service for the house the first bill was supposed to be on autopay… that was a mistake they didnt take it out and I called them about it , and they were like ohhh dont worry about it sir we will take care of it. SO the FIRST paper bill i get is a past due/disconnect notice. SO I called them back and was like really people does anyone in the company of any sense what so ever. I have the corporate number and was supposed to get a call back today and havent. SO I guess I need now to decided if i want satt dsl and burn charter.

  44. Charter Communications is the sorriest excuse for a utility company I have ever came across. We have had Road Runner, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Comcast, all were very nice and professional. What they do is , to me, is illegal. Why the State of CT allows them to operate in this state is beyond me. I could go on with pages of how bad they are…I will be brief. THEY SUCK! period.

  45. Charter cable still sux. I learned one thing in dealing with Charter. Record your conversation with them, and hold them to what they promise. I did that, and it worked. They promised me a free HD box, and free installation. But when the bill arrived, they charged me $29.95 for installation, and $5.00 a month for the box, took the recording to their office and made them listen to it. They canceled the fees. Make sure you tell them you are recording the conversation because you don’t trust them.
    in Dec. when my year is up I may go to a dish. Any advise on a dish is welcome.

  46. We’re on the phone with them right now. Yay. NOTHING they installed today works.

  47. It would be impossible for any company to abuse its customers more than Charter.
    Their strategy is clearly to overcharge good customers, abuse them, take their money to buy advertising to get new customers, and hope they get more new customers than those who drop from their bad experience. What’s more, management simply doesn’t care. I wonder if they have read their own code of ethics about “fair dealing”…

  48. Yes they do. Now here I am still dealing with the same problems since November. But hey if I pay for the line protection plan, they won’t charge more to fix the problems…..eventually….probably……well it’s still gotta be better odds then winning the lottery, right???

    What would I do if I didn’t have to call Charter every month for one thing or another.

  49. I am paying for 16mph speed on my internet, however, it only runs at below 8mph. Called Charter to schedule a tech to come in to fix it. The tech came in on a Monday and had no clue whats going on and why he was there. He spent 2 hours and even climb a pole outside but couldn’t fix it. Told me that his supervisor will be by in two days to see whats going on. Two days past and no supervisor. Called Charter main customer service line and they had no clue what I was talking about and had no record of a tech coming by. Told me that they contract with another company and i have to go into my local Charter office to see whats going on. I go in after work to my local office and stand in line for half an hour as they only have one clerk working.
    After reaching my destination, I explain to the clerk what my problem is and she said that she will schedule another person to come in the next day. I tell her that it needs to be a supervisor as a regular tech was not able to resolve it on Monday. She puts some notes in her computer and said that I am set.
    The tech shows up one hour after his scheduled appointment and is not a supervisor and also does not know why he is there. He also tell me (on the phone) that he cannot be alone in the house so I have to plead with my landlord to sit with him. Long story short, my problem is not resolved. And when I call charter to downgrade my speed as I am obviously unable to use it, they tell me that I will lose my entire discount package.

    So, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just love Charter!

  50. I feel exactly the same way. I would like to know why a city the size of Ofallon, MO or Dadenne Prarie only has Charter as an option. I thought this was suppose to be about competition and not monopolies. Why can’t we get AT&T, Verizon, for phone or internet. Oh, by the way, I have had Direct TV for 12 years. Thanks to Charter. When I first moved into my house in Ofallon I called Charter about cable. They were so rude and not helpful about not having service, it gave me the incentive to go to Direct TV. It is the best thing I ever did. Their service is 100 times better than Charter. They are polite, helpful and certainly not rude. I also sent an e-mail to both Mayors asking why we are stuck with Charter? To date no response, I wonder if local gov’t has something to do with it???

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