May 132006

Today I spent some time playing with (or trying to) the new stuff in JavaScript 1.7, having finally gotten my hands on a build of the JS shell based on the 1.7 alpha branch. Didn’t have tons of luck; I don’t think all the new stuff has actually landed on the branch yet. Hopefully soon.

Having been stymied on that front, I decided to spend the rest of my day pawing through the NeedsEditorialReview category on MDC. Got three or four entries revised before coming up on some stuff I need to research more fully.

In particular, I haven’t spent any time in the past looking at the plugin API. At a quick glance (the most I felt like giving it at midnight!), it looks like there are two APIs, the older of which is deprecated. But I’m not sure, since the docs that are currently in place seem to merge the two together in what would be quite the unholy union were that the case.

Which of course leads me to suspect that my first quick glance is misguided. I’ll have to look into that some more.

I’ve sort of taken it on as my mission to clean up and clear out everything that’s currently tagged as needing editorial review, whether by fixing what needs fixing or removing articles that are unneeded (or obsolete).

People are starting to go, “Oh yeah, we have a guy around to do this now,” and are now asking me to do editorial passes or rewrites of material. That’s fantastic! Makes me feel like I’m earning my keep. Keep the requests coming!

For folks that might notice me futzing around with text they wrote — sometimes I’ll make really minor editorial changes because I think they’ll improve the use flow of text. Don’t take it personally. I’m picky about grammar, style, and the quirks of punctuation. Fortunately, that’s part of my job. Hopefully we can make our documentation really shine, both in terms of thoroughness and accuracy as well as readability.

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  4 Responses to “Code v. editing”

  1. Actually, the older “NPAPI” plugin API is the recommended plugin API. This API lets people write plugins that work in non-Mozilla browsers such as Opera, KHTML and Safari. The new “XPCOM” plugin API is deprecated; few if any plugins actually use it.

  2. has a nice description of our plugins API and plugins scriptability support.

  3. That’s always weird, when the newer API is the one that’s deprecated. That’s good to know — makes my life easier, actually. The older API is a lot easier. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Thank god someone is looking at it. I’ve been trying to make a plugin for the past couple months and the documentation is atrocious. It’s in 3 different areas and a lot of it is out of date with bad links all over the place. It was a paint in the A** figuring out how to get it working and figuring out how to make a dual ActiveX/NPAPI plugin was also hard. It doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

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