May 132006

Thought I’d post a screenshot of what a typical day’s connectivity looks like in my household this week. This is a shot of the window of my connection monitor program. The top box shows the dates and times at which the every-minute ping batch moved in and out of what it considers to be a “good” connection.


The bottom box shows a graph of the connection’s quality. The Y axis runs from 0 pings lost per minute at the bottom to 10 pings lost (100% loss) at the top. Each pixel on the X axis represents five minutes of test time.

Mousing over the graph shows a tooltip indicating the time and pings lost tally for the sample at the corresponding time. Since each pixel represents five samples, the value for pings lost is actually the average of five ping batches.

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  2 Responses to “Connection logging”

  1. Man, that sucks.

  2. No kidding. I’m logged in to type this comment using dialup, because right now, that graph has spiked back to 100% packet loss for the past several hours. Although looking over at it right now, it’s just come back into the “online” state, with 10-30% packet loss.

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