May 232006

At this exact moment, my cable modem is online. It’s been on for no more than 50 minutes at a time for the past several days now, and usually much shorter times.

When it does happen to be on, the performance is pretty good, despite packet loss up to 80%. Imagine how nice it would be if it were working properly!

Sounds like the JavaScript 1.7 stuff is going to be landing pretty soon, which means I should be able to get more work on the docs for it. I look forward to playing with more of the new stuff to see how it works.

I’m taking advantage of the current spot of functional broadband to download and upload large files that need transferring. I’m sending along scans for an archival project I’m working on while I download Xcode 2.3, which was just released today. I can’t let myself be behind the times on my development software!

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  2 Responses to “Online in fits and starts”

  1. Charter still sucks.

  2. That’s for sure. Makes me suspect Derek still works there.

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