May 262006

The cable company sent out a supervisor to check some things out; they say a crew will be here today to get the work done, but it’s after 4 PM now and there’s no sign of them. This is getting pretty irritating.

It’s been fun and educational to keep pulling down and building the JavaScript 1.7 alphas, watching as the new features pile in. The new let keyword is now mostly implemented, although there are issues with it — one of the examples I wrote turned up a glitch that needs to be resolved. The JS 1.7 introduction document is mostly finished now, pending the finalization of let and a looking-over by the guys doing the code.

I’ve also now started on the Firefox 2.0 for Developers document. Digging up the details is going to take a little time, but I’ll get there. This one I’ll be moving over to the MDC wiki as soon as my cable situation stabilizes, because it needs more input from others. But until I have reliable Internet service, I’d better keep it local.

Man, I can’t wait to stop working like a hermit.

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