May 302006

Today is the first day of the ninth week of our cable modem problems courtesy of the buffoons at Charter Communications. Sarah just got off the phone with them and basically they thought it was all fixed on the 19th, thanks to yet another miscommunication within their dolt-ridden organization.

They swear they’re sending a tech (oh, boy, another one of their idiot techs) to evaluate the problem and decide what needs to be done. I can’t help thinking we’ve been down this road before… four or five times.

Interestingly, they also claim that our local “technical manager” had never heard of this problem until today, which makes me wonder what rock he lives under and what he’s been smoking while under it, since he’s had at least a dozen different guys out here repeatedly over the last two months.

The degree of incompetence I’ve seen from Charter is mind-boggling in the extreme. I have little real hope of ever seeing this problem fixed anymore. They’ll just drag their feet until life at dialup speeds drives me to suicide.

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