Jun 012006

I’ve started work on Firefox 2 documentation. There’s a central “Firefox 2.0 for developers” page as well as the first more in-depth article, “Creating OpenSearch plugins“. I’d appreciate any feedback on either of these — you can either edit the articles, or just email me your suggestions if you’re not the kind of person that likes to write stuff that, you know, people read.

In other news, after Charter came yesterday morning, I started up my network connection test program, and in the past 26 1/2 hours have lost only 155 packets, which places my packet loss at just about 0.9%. We’ve also had exactly zero total dropoffs. Packet loss has never been more than one per ping batch.

This is by far the best our connection has been in two months. I’m not ready yet to call it “fixed” but my hopes are starting to get up there.

They ran us a new line from the tap direct to the cable modem, and grounded that line to the cold water pipe, which is closer to the modem than the power box was, which is where code says it’s supposed to be grounded if at all possible. Unfortunately, the power box is on the far side of the house, which meant a long, roundabout route for the cable to run, resulting in a huge amount of signal loss.

I’ve got my fingers crossed…

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  9 Responses to “Firefox 2 docs underway”

  1. Is the SAX parser going to be documented?

  2. Is that new for Firefox 2?

  3. I’m a little confused by the XML format. It states that it is OpenSearch (1.1 presumably), but it uses a different root element and a different namespace, mixing actual OpenSearch 1.1 elements with Mozilla elements (so there really should be two namespaces). Also the search parameters aren’t done quite as they’re specified by OpenSearch.

    It’s really cool that Mozilla’s chosen to use OpenSearch, as Internet Explorer has, but these files aren’t really OpenSearch, although they’re very similar. Files created like this will not be readable by other OpenSearch readers. Is there anything we can do to fix this situation?

  4. Looks like some confusion on my part; we actually support most of standard OpenSearch but also have this simplified format that we support as well. I didn’t realize they weren’t the same thing, so documented our simplified format as if it were OpenSearch. I’ll be revising the docs shortly.

  5. Thanks, sheppy, I’ll take another look when it’s been reworked. I don’t want people getting confused by seeing and copying this shorter format (although it doesn’t actually look shorter ;-) ) and then wondering why it only works with Firefox. I’d rather it be avoided entirely if possible.

  6. Well, it’s not shorter, just simpler. At least that’s what they tell me. I’m comparing it to the official OpenSearch now, and waiting for some other info before I revise the doc.

  7. I believe SAX is new in 2.0 (I don’t really know what I’m talking about though), I don’t suppose it really needs documenting, just a section in the what’s new so that extension authors know about it.

  8. Hm, that’s the first I’d heard of it. I’ll stick it on my list of things to deal with. Thanks!

  9. It’s “Firefox 2 for developers”, not “2.0”.

    SAX parser is indeed new for 2.0, it’s used in the feed processor implementation.

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