Jun 052006

Technology is insidious. You get used to something, and if you find yourself having to do without it, you tend to feel the hurt.

In this case, it’s my second monitor. I’ve been using two monitors on my Mac for years now, recently even buying a new 19″ LCD to use as my second display, replacing the old beat-up CRT I was using. The new monitor’s DVI port quit working a few days ago, stranding me in the dark ages with only one screen on my Mac.

Talk about throwing a wrench into the works of my work habits.

I’m used to keeping multiple chat windows, email, widgets, stickies, browser windows, docs, text files, source code, and terminals open all at specific places across my broad workspace.

Now I’m stuck cramming them all, overlapping each other, onto just one screen. It’s pretty uncomfortable.

It’s like waking up one morning to find that someone has replaced all your clothes with stuff two sizes smaller than you usually wear. You can cram yourself into it, but you don’t like it much.

The monitor is boxed up and will be going out via FedEx today, so it can be serviced.

Regardless, progress is still being made on documenting all the cool new technologies available in Firefox 2. My goal remains to have good draft docs of pretty much everything by beta 1, assuming the stuff is implemented in time for me to be able to write it up by then. As far as I’m aware, the stuff that’s already implemented is all written up already at this point, so it’s mostly a waiting game on that front.

While I wait, I’m getting other bits of work that need doing taken care of. At the moment, I’m clearing up the mess on my desk to make room for my new IP phone for work, and nuking all the stuff off a PC that’s also chewing up valuable real estate, because I don’t need it in this era of being able to run Intel-based OSes on the Mac. The machine will go up on eBay in the next week or so, for whatever that’ll net me. Not much, but better than just throwing the thing away.

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  6 Responses to “One monitor blues”

  1. I know what you mean. I use dual monitors at home (chat, music, ftp on the right, everything else on the left) and I only survive on one monitor at work because I don’t have chat or music here :)

  2. Yeah, when I install Virtue Desktops, I can no longer launch Cocoa apps on my iMac Core Duo system. Plus that’s not the same at all as being able to see everything at once.

  3. Man, I feel for you. No intarweb and now this!

  4. When it rains, it pours. Sheesh.

  5. My monitor has arrived at the service center, according to FedEx tracking. Now we’ll see how long the turnaround is.

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