Jun 082006

Heads-up to coders working on the cool new Firefox 2 features that weren’t ready to be documented yet when last I made rounds asking about them at the beginning of this week — I’ll be pinging you guys again today and tomorrow.

The stuff I’ll be asking about includes:

  • Session restore API
  • Feed content access API
  • Search bar suggestion API
  • Adding search engines (including JavaScript methods)
  • API for writing phishing protection extensions

Those are the yet-to-be-documented developer concepts for Firefox 2. If you know what’s up with any of them, feel free to pre-empt my ping and drop me email or post a comment to let me know how things are going.

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  6 Responses to “Watch out, there’s a ping coming!”

  1. And here I was thinking this was going to be a pun on the “ping” attribute recently added to the “a” tag in Firefox : )

  2. Well, someone needs to tell me something about the “ping” attribute, because this is the first I’ve heard of it. :)

  3. Hopefully these URLs will be enlightening:

    Maybe it’s on the trunk and not Firefox 2.0? I can’t recall right now.

  4. Yup I thought it was a pun on ‘a ping’ as well :)

    By the way, your comment form is quite pretty, but could really do with having the area around the text boxes darkened to make the text boxes stand out.

  5. is not in 2.0 I think. Here’s some information on it:

    Speaking of suggestions, the server side of this should probably be documented too (some drafts are at http://wiki.mozilla.org/Search_Service/Suggestions – this should be redirected once there is real documentation on the topic).

  6. Ian — not sure what you mean about the comment form. On Camino, the comment form is pretty obvious, with a nice lined background, and in Safari, it has a dark border around it. What are you seeing?

    Nickolay — I’ll read up on that stuff and see what shakes out. Thanks.

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