Jun 112006

My family is all home now, so it’s just me, Sarah, and the baby again. Life is back to normal.

It was nice to see the family, but it’s also nice to get back to the normal routine. I’m kind of big on routine.

Sitting here playing my biweekly D&D game with friends online, and figured I’d compose a bit of drivel while one of my two characters (the thief) is in hiding and the other (the fighter/mage with too much attitude) is waiting to see what happens with some guards that are heading our way.

Now our mage is casting Sleep on the guards. Hope it works.

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  2 Responses to “Life returns to normal”

  1. Gee… leave us in suspence. Did it work? B-{)

  2. It worked. Guards went down, we finished them off, and then headed up and into the keep. My thief escaped from his hiding place and is now roaming about the place separately from the others…

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