Jun 152006

One cool new thing you can do with search plugins in Firefox 2 is support “search suggestions.” The idea is that as the user types in the search bar, search plugins that support this feature can query the server for possible completions for whatever the user is typing, which allows Firefox to display possible search terms in a popup that appears under the search bar.

If you have a Firefox 2 build, try this using the Google or Yahoo search engine. If you pause while typing the search term, a list will appear suggesting possible completions for the term.

This is very cool. And now I’ve just posted an article explaining how to implement support for this feature. Let me know if anything doesn’t make any sense!

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  2 Responses to “Search suggestions are cool”

  1. You might want to update http://wiki.mozilla.org/Search_Service/Suggestions, or just add a pointer from there to the new article on developer.mozilla.org.

  2. Flock has it live already! :)
    Great to see Firefox adding this awesome feature too!

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