Jun 242006

I’m making a list, and checking it twice… so I can be sure not to forget anything too terribly important when I head for California on Monday for Mozilla all-hands week. I have stuff I need to finish installing on the laptop, and I gotta make sure all my gadgets have fully-charged batteries, and I absolutely can’t forget my noise-canceling headphones, because listening to my iPod on the plane without them sucks in a bad way.

I’m half tempted to slap Boot Camp back onto the MacBook Pro so I can install Oblivion on it, copy all my saved games over to it, and continue to play my game in progress during this trip, but I’m resisting doing so.

My Phaser 850DP printer continues to be having trouble. Had a guy out to service it on Thursday, but while it’s mostly working again, I can’t print using the upper tray for some reason — it jams every time. I’ll have to get them back out here once I’m home from Mountain View.

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