Jun 282006

Day two of the all-hands, and it’s actually a lot more relaxed today than it was yesterday. I’m not planning to try to go to every breakout session, and not even to a session in every slot, just the ones that are of particular interest to me. That gives me time to do some copyediting in between.

I find myself wishing for a way to tag MDC pages as having been copyedited, so that I don’t accidentally review them a second time. I’ve already encountered a couple of pages that I think I’ve already copyedited.

Thanks to the magic of iChat and the iSight built into my MacBook Pro, I got to talk to my little girl this morning. That was great fun, and it was nice to be able to do it relatively painlessly — although it turns out that the iChat in OS X 10.4.7 doesn’t like to videoconference with the 10.4.6 version. We found that out the hard way.

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  2 Responses to “Meetings”

  1. You could create and empty template called “sheppywashere” or some such and then include {{sheppywashere}} on every page. The net result would be that there were no visible changes and you could use “What links here” on the template page to find out which pages you have already done.

  2. Hm. What would actually be preferable would be a way to see what pages I haven’t done, though.

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