Jul 312006

I’ve recovered everything I can from my Backup, uh, backup.

Unfortunately, a few things couldn’t be recovered, although so far it’s nothing I wasn’t able to replace. The nib file for a Mac OS X program I’ve been working on was corrupted but I managed to find a copy of the app lying around that had a nib that was new enough that I could update that to match where I left off pretty easily.

I’m looking at the right side of my menu bar, where the menu extras appear, and I know I’m missing several, but for the life of me I can’t at this moment figure out what they are.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be moving to install stuff as I go, “Hey, that’s not on here!”

Just last night it dawned on me I’d forgotten to reinstall Microsoft Office, for example.

I’ve installed Deja Vu to see if I have any better luck using that for backups. The problem is that I really don’t want to just duplicate files to another drive. I want to be able to go back for at least a month or two and pull old versions, and that’s not possible with any backup programs I’ve found for the Mac other than Retrospect (which I have but don’t like — nor is it Intel ready yet) and Backup (which is clearly badly defective).


If I had a huge honkin’ NAS tucked under a table somewhere, I’d be pretty happy.

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Jul 282006

So I use Apple’s Backup program to do my backups. Apparently this was a huge mistake, as it’s crashing while trying to restore my backups. Over and over and over again.

What kind of idiots write a backup program that crashes 100% of the time when restoring more than a handful of files? That’s psychotic.

I’m finding I can make some headway if I only restore one or two folders at a time, but that means this is taking forever to get done, and increases the odds that I’ll forget to restore something.

So far, I’ve managed to get about half of my project source code restored, and maybe a sixth of my documents. At this pace, I expect if I’m lucky, I’ll have everything back tomorrow.

Just now, as I was writing this, Backup crashed trying to restore my Documents/Mozilla folder. Good times.

I have email in to Apple begging for help. I don’t expect to get much.

This seriously blows.

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Jul 262006

Someone guessed a password for a little-used account on my iMac sometime last month, and I didn’t notice it until just today. Dammit.

So for the past month, apparently, someone has been running an IRC server on my machine, doing who knows what kinds of nefarious stuff. Bastards.

This is of course totally my fault. I had ssh open and was using passwords instead of public/private keys for authentication, so all they had to do was hammer away at my machine until they guessed a password.

My logs show it all. Hundreds upon hundreds of attempts until they finally got in. They then copied source code into a subdirectory off /tmp, compiled it, and started it up. Sneaky. Typical pansy hacker crap. Not exactly the kind of thing that sends you into a panic screaming “my Mac is insecure!”

Since obviously, this is total user error on my part.

I feel like a total moron.

Anyway, I’m spending today wiping my machine and reinstalling all my apps, then restoring data files from backups. Not what I hoped to do today.

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Jul 242006

Got home last night. I’m so tired.

The down side to nerdy vacations is that they’re totally unrelaxing. A lot of hanging out until 4 AM hacking on code, that kind of thing.

My passport was waiting for me when I got home, so I’m good to go for my trip to Toronto in a couple of weeks. Now I’m busily wading through email and trying to stay conscious long enough to get any useful work done.

Regardless of my best efforts, today is likely to be something of a wash, work-wise.

So I’ll just work my butt off the rest of the week. Yay!

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Jul 162006

Tomorrow (Monday, July 17th) is my last day of work before I head off on vacation for most of a week. Of course, it’s one of those über-nerdy vacations where I’ll have my Treo with me the entire time, and will spend most of my time goofing around on my laptop, totally available via email, iChat, and so forth.

But I won’t be in IRC, and while I’ll answer easy Mozilla-related emails because of the aforementioned nerdiness, I won’t be doing any real “work” per se. However, if something seriously whacked comes up documentation wise, or someone wants to post something on MDC but is nervous about their grammatical prowess, I’d be happy to lend an ear, and maybe offer some advice and/or quick editing help.

That’s the kind of really nerdy guy I am.

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Jul 152006

I just got home from visiting the Cedar Bluff Post Office in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, to apply for my first passport since before I had braces. Grand total cost: $212 including expedite fees. Good times.

I’m heading to Toronto to visit/meet/goof off with shaver and dria and so forth in August, and the passport, while not quite necessary yet, will sure make things go more smoothly.

They’re not sure the State Department will like my birth certificate. Although it’s an official, certified copy, it was made before the State Department required that the seal be raised. The guy at the desk at the Post Office said that if they have on file that that’s how it was done back then (which seems likely to me — they must get a zillion applications from those days from Los Angeles County), then it’ll be fine. Otherwise they’ll call and request a new copy.

So I’m getting ready to look for how to get a new copy of my birth certificate — just in case.

You can see another sign of Katrina fallout, in that my application is being sent to the New Orleans division of the passport office — in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Jul 132006

Happily, all of the most-needed documentation for Firefox 2 was finished in time for the beta release yesterday. There are only two items on my list that still need something written for them, and one of them is relatively low-priority while the other is for API that hasn’t stabilized yet.

So that’s all right, then.

A couple of the articles about Firefox 2 still need polishing, and there need to be more samples in a couple of cases (in particular, for the session store API). Still, we’re at a good spot for documentation for a beta, and are easily on track to have a full set of Firefox 2 documentation by the time the final release rolls around.

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Jul 052006

As we approach beta 1 of Firefox 2 (as far as I know, code freeze is still scheduled for today), I’m eagerly watching the status of several bugs that will impact documentation. Once those things get settled in, I can whip in there and crank out docs for the features they reflect.

In particular, I’m keeping an eye on checkins related to JavaScript 1.7, session restore API, and feed access API.

I also need to write docs on best practices for version numbering, but for some reason I’m so unexcited by that doc that I’m stalling on it. Hm.

While I was in California for the Mozilla all-hands meetings, my wife took the opportunity to tear down all the stuff in my office and get the carpets cleaned. Now I’m in the middle of reassembling all my stuff in a different room so that the big rec-room we have downstairs that I was using as my office can actually be used as a rec room. Crazy.

I’ve got the iMac set up, although some peripherals are still MIA. The Mac mini is fully set up next to it (with its dying monitor and two big honking external hard drives). The Mac SE I use for assorted things is off to the left, and that’s fully set up as well.

However, I don’t have most of the rest of my office equipment set up (such as the copier, fax machine, etc), and not all the furniture is back in yet. Also, my bookcase full of über-geeky programming books is still out in the other room and needs to move.

But the next step is actually to pull down our network and reroute a bunch of ethernet cables and swap out for better switches and the like. The main duty, though, is to try to run the cables in a way that they don’t serve double duty as toddler bait.

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