Jul 052006

As we approach beta 1 of Firefox 2 (as far as I know, code freeze is still scheduled for today), I’m eagerly watching the status of several bugs that will impact documentation. Once those things get settled in, I can whip in there and crank out docs for the features they reflect.

In particular, I’m keeping an eye on checkins related to JavaScript 1.7, session restore API, and feed access API.

I also need to write docs on best practices for version numbering, but for some reason I’m so unexcited by that doc that I’m stalling on it. Hm.

While I was in California for the Mozilla all-hands meetings, my wife took the opportunity to tear down all the stuff in my office and get the carpets cleaned. Now I’m in the middle of reassembling all my stuff in a different room so that the big rec-room we have downstairs that I was using as my office can actually be used as a rec room. Crazy.

I’ve got the iMac set up, although some peripherals are still MIA. The Mac mini is fully set up next to it (with its dying monitor and two big honking external hard drives). The Mac SE I use for assorted things is off to the left, and that’s fully set up as well.

However, I don’t have most of the rest of my office equipment set up (such as the copier, fax machine, etc), and not all the furniture is back in yet. Also, my bookcase full of über-geeky programming books is still out in the other room and needs to move.

But the next step is actually to pull down our network and reroute a bunch of ethernet cables and swap out for better switches and the like. The main duty, though, is to try to run the cables in a way that they don’t serve double duty as toddler bait.

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  1. An SE? :) What sort of assorted things do you have your SE doing? I have an SE/30 that still works and that I won’t part with, but I don’t actually have it doing anything useful. Well, actually anything at all ;)

  2. As a side thing, I sell some old Apple II software products (and you thought the SE was old) that I’ve licensed from various outfits, most of which are out of business. I use the Mac SE to produce the 3.5″ Apple II disks for resale. That’s the main reason it sits on my desk. I do also use a couple of desk accessories on it, like the alarm clock, because it’s handy and out of the way. It’s also got a screen saver running that has a clock that drifts around the screen, so I have a clock handy when my iMac’s screen is busy playing UT2k4 or (using Boot Camp) Oblivion.

    I have it loaded up with 4 MB of memory, an internal 20 MB hard drive and external 1 GB hard drive, and it has an internal high density floppy drive. It’s ideal for the type of stuff I do with it. Not to mention it just looks neat on my desk.

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