Jul 132006

Happily, all of the most-needed documentation for Firefox 2 was finished in time for the beta release yesterday. There are only two items on my list that still need something written for them, and one of them is relatively low-priority while the other is for API that hasn’t stabilized yet.

So that’s all right, then.

A couple of the articles about Firefox 2 still need polishing, and there need to be more samples in a couple of cases (in particular, for the session store API). Still, we’re at a good spot for documentation for a beta, and are easily on track to have a full set of Firefox 2 documentation by the time the final release rolls around.

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  2 Responses to “Firefox 2 beta 1 and documentation”

  1. Awesome, you do not know how appreciated it is that you have done this. I’m confident I speak for many devs out there who really appreciate what you have done.

    One that note, will there be documentation on the new spellcheck API? Specifically how to Enable/Disable it in textbox and editor XUL elements and how to embed the suggestion list into a custom Context Menu?

  2. I asked just a couple of weeks ago what sort of API there was for spell checking and was told there isn’t any. That’s why there’s no documentation for it (nor have I planned time to do any). If there is API for spell checking, I’d appreciate it if someone would point me to the right place to look for information on it (idl, source, and/or the best person to ask questions of).

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