Jul 152006

I just got home from visiting the Cedar Bluff Post Office in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, to apply for my first passport since before I had braces. Grand total cost: $212 including expedite fees. Good times.

I’m heading to Toronto to visit/meet/goof off with shaver and dria and so forth in August, and the passport, while not quite necessary yet, will sure make things go more smoothly.

They’re not sure the State Department will like my birth certificate. Although it’s an official, certified copy, it was made before the State Department required that the seal be raised. The guy at the desk at the Post Office said that if they have on file that that’s how it was done back then (which seems likely to me — they must get a zillion applications from those days from Los Angeles County), then it’ll be fine. Otherwise they’ll call and request a new copy.

So I’m getting ready to look for how to get a new copy of my birth certificate — just in case.

You can see another sign of Katrina fallout, in that my application is being sent to the New Orleans division of the passport office — in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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  3 Responses to “Passport party”

  1. Wow, it was easy to order my birth certificate online from the LA County Clerk. Spiffy!

  2. Hi, Eric. I tuned in to planet.flock.com for the first time in a while today and was surprised to see a post referencing Knoxville. I live in Knoxville too, helped start up the spread Firefox project, and now work for Flock. In fact, I’m looking to set up a meetup for Flock in the area next week. If you’re game for that or just to chat sometime, I hope you’ll drop me an email.

  3. Got my passport and birth certificate back in the mail a couple of days ago, so all’s well on that front. Also got my new copy of the BC from the LA County Recorder, so that’s done too.

    I just got home from most of a week away and am trying to get caught up. Lots of email to wade through!

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