Aug 042006

Ever have one of those weeks where so many relatively little things go wrong that you just feel like you’re ready to go totally postal? I’m so there right now. Between getting my Mac hacked last week and still being in the middle of fighting Apple’s lousy Backup program to try to get my files back, to scripts I wrote suddenly not working, to having some very odd performance problems with my Mac (I think Backup is leaving zombie processes lying around, although I’ve not actually looked yet — but the more times I run it, the slower the machine gets)… I’m just having a lousy week.

On top of that, I’m just stressed out. Work has been great, but I’m very frustrated with all the other stuff I need to be getting done. I have a stack of mail on my desk that needs to be gone through, bills paid, and so forth. I’ve got stuff I need to get shipped to people, some of which requires me to use hardware that isn’t working properly (my Mac SE’s internal floppy drive has decided to choose this week to start sticking on eject, which puts a crimp in mailing disks of stuff out to people)… ugh.

I think I need a real, honest-to-goodness vacation. No computers, no nerdy games, just kicking back in the pool and staring at the sky for a few days, floating aimlessly with my head on a float and another under my knees, and otherwise just hanging there, letting every muscle just float until I’m jelly.


Maybe in a few weeks, once I’ve accumulated some more vacation time, I’ll take a couple of days off and do exactly that.

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