Aug 062006

So on Friday afternoon, I decided, “Screw it. Even though I’ve got stuff I absolutely have to get done this weekend, I’m not gonna do it.”

I feel better already. I’m feeling much less like a potential member of the United States Postal Workers Strike Squadron and more like a frustrated half-programmer, half-writer.

That’s pretty much my normal state of being, so that’s cool.

I spent Saturday napping on and off, watching bad television, and installing and playing a little StarCraft for old times’ sake. It plays pretty well on my Intel iMac, except that the movie player is stuttery, and whenever it goes to the CD for something the entire game freezes up for, like, ever.

Today Sarah is taking Sophie to buy new shoes, so I’ll have the house to myself for a good part of the afternoon. I expect to do more of the same. Sleeping, television, basically being a total slug.

Oh yeah, the reason this is in the Mozilla category: I got my Mozilla stuff building on Friday morning. Turns out that indeed, I needed to install some libraries. By total coincidence, I’d previously already installed the required libraries for work on other projects when I first did a build of Mozilla, so I didn’t have to install them the first time. After wiping my machine, though, I didn’t have them anymore.

Anyway, it’s all good now. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice!


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