Aug 102006

So, courtesy of some terrorist goons, my return trip home tomorrow will likely be rather complicated by the unfortunate need to boost security at airports for the time being.

So my already expected to be very early rise to head for the airport will now be even earlier, so that I can be sure to get through whatever delays there might be due to this mess. Sweet.

This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the fact that the bad guys were busted before carrying out their nefarious plot (assuming they’ve all been caught) and that it’s unlikely that this particular attack will take place (again, same assumption). I also appreciate the value in increasing security to help ensure that this specific attack really is truly foiled. Doesn’t decrease the frustration level, but it’s for a fairly sensible reason.

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  2 Responses to “It’s a wonderful world”

  1. Wow, I really like the look and feel of your blog. Good luck.

  2. “Hi” from the guy who spent more time in Heathrow than in Toronto meetings. At least I guess so, I’m too tired for doing the math, but it’s at least a tie.

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