Aug 242006

I’ve been continuing to work on the Theme changes in Firefox 2 document, and I think it’s getting better. It now includes a table with a list of the XUL and XHTML files that have changed in ways that require updates to CSS files in themes. That will be much more useful than the long list of changes made to the default theme, although I’ve left that in as well, since so many themers work by starting with the default theme and updating it.

The doc still needs some massaging, but from my perspective (as a guy who hasn’t done any theming) it’s mostly done. If anyone has suggestions, or would like to work the doc in ways to make it more useful to real themers, please by all means do! I want to be sure the doc is in great shape, and this is a case where I could really use some outside help.

The only other docs left to write for Fx2 are the feed access API doc (which should be frozen by now, since it’s supposed to be in for beta 2, which has frozen), so I should be asking around about that today or tomorrow, and the versioning best practices doc, which for some reason I don’t really want to write. Not sure why.

I still want to work up a sample for using the session store API, but haven’t had a chance to do it yet.

At any rate, we’re in fantastic shape to have all the Firefox 2 docs done by the time it ships, which is very cool.

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