Aug 292006

I spent today writing myself a little RSS reader extension for Firefox 2. It just adds a clickable item in the status bar that, when clicked, opens up a new window and displays the contents of an RSS feed in it, with clickable links on the titles of each article that take you to the targeted site.

Nothing fancy, but it let me figure out a lot of stuff about how the new feed content API interfaces work. I’ve written the first bits of a document about them, and will be adding more content, including documentation for the interfaces themselves, over the next few days.

It’s actually a pretty handy API. Once you learn the gist of how it works, it’s pretty smooth to implement stuff with.

Took me a couple days to figure things out well enough to write the initial sample and the corresponding document (which I know still needs some fleshing-out). But now that I have a grasp on things, the rest of the document should pull together pretty easily.

I love this stuff.

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  3 Responses to “Feed access fun”

  1. Awesome. Thanks Eric. Of all your FF2 documentation, this is the bit I’ve been most looking forward to.

  2. Cool Eric, thanks for doing this. I wonder if it’s worthwhile at some point exposing this functionality to web content too.

  3. I’m doing some redesign on the layout of the interface reference material before I continue work on it, but it’s coming along nicely. I figure it’ll be no problem to have the feed access API docs all finished by the end of this week.

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