Aug 302006

Tonight I “finished” the last set of developer documentation that needed writing for Firefox 2. While there’s still touch-up work to do, and a couple of samples I’d like to write, the documentation has reached the point at which if we shipped Firefox 2 today, I’d be satisfied with the state of the developer documentation for it.

That’s a pretty good place to be as we approach the beta 2 release.

It means I can use the rest of the time leading up to GM to get the finishing touches put on.

One request: if any themers are reading this, I’d sure appreciate your help on improving documentation about updating themes for Firefox 2. I’ve got a document that basically lists the XUL changes, but if someone with more practical experience would like to write up a how-to guide, I’d really appreciate it (as would the rest of the themers out there).

Also, if you see anything else in the Firefox 2 developer docs that you don’t understand, or think could be explained better, freel free to edit — or, if you’re not comfortable doing the edit yourself, drop me an email or even post a comment on my blog here. I’ve got changes in mind, but I’m sure there’s stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

I think we’re in good shape for Firefox 2 to be the best-documented release yet, and I’d like to thank everyone that helped out, including folks that helped with the writing, but especially the coders that helped me figure a few things out, and the folks in IRC that gave me helpful feedback on layout and the like.

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  1. Suggestions:
    1. Make “Creating a Microsummary” a subheading of “Microsummaries” (e.g., Heading 2 -> Heading 3)
    2. “search suggestions, which appear in a popup box while typing in the search bar.” Change to “dropdown list”.
    3. Search engine manager should be Initial Caps? (Search Engine Manager)
    Overall, a very nice resource! :-)

    BTW: You blog comment fields are near invisible (name & e-mail) on Windows and Firefox trunk 20060830

  2. One more suggestion: nsISessionStore has been significantly extended in bug 344640 – and the Undo Close Tab related methods are also currently missing in the documentation. See for the (supposedly) pretty complete interface.

  3. OK, the docs were complete as of the time I wrote them, but clearly things have come along since then. I’ll work on getting them updated. This is the kind of info that’s especially helpful — I don’t have as much time as I’d like to go back and be sure everything’s still current.

  4. Awesome, once again, THANK YOU Sheppy for all your hard work on this. Seriously this is awesome.

    I’d like to write an article on getting ‘in-line’ spellcheck to work in extensions (in chrome). It’s changing rapidly on the trunk, but I have code samples and can write a guide on doing it, and keep it updated until 2.0 is released. Is that something I so do there, or instead on


  5. Please do put it on MDC — I’d suggest doing it at, say:

    That’d be fantastic!

  6. By the way, I’ve updated the session store API docs, so they should be complete now. :)

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