Sep 022006

The title for my 2001 Ford Expedition arrived in today’s mail, following my making of the final payment two weeks ago. Woohoo!

I bought the car during interesting times, at the beginning of October, 2001, when uncertainty was thick in the air. I needed the car in the first place, but it made me feel good to inject some cash into the market in those days following 9/11. It was like saying, “Screw you!” to the terrorists. “I’m going to keep doing what I want to do.”

But then, I like to think dramatically about the things I do.

It’s been a good car. I bought it because it had enough legroom for me (I’m a tall guy), not because I really needed an SUV. But I like to drive it, and now that we have Sophie, it’s extra helpful. Lots of room for the stroller, the baby, and a bunch of luggage or groceries.

I don’t expect to replace it for many years to come. Having that extra money available each month is going to help the budget.

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  2 Responses to “Proud owner of a five-year-old car”

  1. legroom is very important. Does the seat move back?

  2. Yes, although it’s still a snug fit even with the seat back all the way.

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