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So I’ve not been able to sleep tonight, which is going to make Sunday a lousy day.

I finally gave up about 10 minutes ago and decided to snag my laptop, do a little web browsing, and hope that would help me doze off.

As I was heading down the stairs in the dark, laptop held in both hands in front of me (the pulsing sleep LED makes a surprisingly good headlight — or so I thought), I missed the second to last step and pitched forward.

The maneuver that followed would have been pretty spectacular to see, were there (a) any light and (b) anyone around to see it. In midair, I swapped the (owned by Mozilla) MacBook Pro to my left hand so that I could have my right hand free to reach out for the ground to keep it from impacting the laptop.

In the meantime, my right foot caught on the edge of the child gate that was propped up against the wall, unused for the moment, bringing it through the air along with me.

I landed on both knees on the tile (ouch), with one hand on the ground as well, laptop held up in the air to save it. The child gate landed across the back of my legs and on the tile with a loud clatter.

At that rather painful moment of impact, three thoughts rather rapidly wafted through my brain:

  • Ouch
  • Please don’t wake the baby
  • If I break this laptop, I’m going to be really ticked off

Fortunately, the laptop was saved, and as I answered weakly, “I’m fine” to Sarah’s called out, “You okay?” I set it gently onto the tile so I could look into getting myself untangled from the gate.

That accomplished, I repeated, “I’m fine,” and slowly got up.

So now I’m sitting here in my comfy chair, writing a blog post at 4:43 AM with very sore knees developing what I think will be some rather spectacular and colorful bruises.

Baby’s still asleep. Wife may or may not remember anything happened (until she reads this and gets a big laugh out of it). Laptop is intact, saving IT from having to give me a hard time. Whew!

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  7 Responses to “Freefalling (or: taking one for the team)”

  1. ouch, dude. Glad you weren’t hurt. You gotta be careful on those stairs! :)

  2. The most unexpected result of this incident: my knees are really wobbly today. It’s like trying to walk on joints made out of cherry Jello.

    Why cherry, you ask?

    I dunno, just seemed like a good idea at the time.

  3. I suggest you put on some Arnica cream, that’s great for bruises.

  4. You know you’re a nerd when you’ll suffer personal injury to protect a cool piece of technology that doesn’t even belong to you! ;)

  5. Ooh sounds painful, I like how you saved your MacBook but not yourself.

  6. You mean your baby actually sleeps at night? Maintaining a sleeping baby is assuredly worth a couple of bruised knees and probably worth bashed hardware.

  7. Our daughter’s been sleeping reliably through the night since she was about six weeks old. We’re so remarkably lucky!

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