Sep 052006

The list of things that I know of that need to be done to get the Firefox 2 developer docs to the point at which I’ll consider them finished has gotten short enough now that I’ve added the things remaining to be done to my iCal to-do list in order to ensure I don’t miss anything.

I’m going to list them all here, so that if anyone sees anything missing from the list, they can correct me:

  1. Need to flesh out the section on destructuring assignment in New in JavaScript 1.7. It’s adequate but I’m unsatisfied with it.
  2. Need to write and post some sample code on using the nsISessionStore interface.
  3. There are two image files in the default theme for Firefox 2 that the document Theme changes in Firefox 2 doesn’t have complete explanations of since I’ve yet to figure out certain details about how they’re used. I’ve got email out to the right people to get answers, so this should resolve itself soonish.

To my knowledge, that’s it. Everything else is, as far as I can tell, all wrapped up. Odds are very good I can be done with that this week, which just leaves whatever revisions might crop up due to the nearly inevitable last-second email from someone saying something’s all wrong.

If you know anything about any of these topics, feel free to pitch in by reviewing the documentation, editing anything that’s incorrect, or just letting me know of any concerns you have. If there’s anything that’s not as clear as you think it could be, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email!

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