Sep 072006

I’ve spent much of the last couple of days working on those final touches that need doing to docs. The hardest part has been getting the docs on destructuring assignment in the New in JavaScript 1.7 document to suck less. For some reason, this one section has been my nemesis for this doc cycle.

I think I’ve got it close to nailed down now, although I expect to need to do a few more tweaks. I’ve decided to rely largely on samples, rather than longwinded explanations of how every possible way you can use destructuring assignment is done. The samples do a more than adequate job of explaining things, and aren’t nearly as dull as syntax diagrams and formal grammars.

I’m still holding out for a couple of bits of information on theming, so while I wait on that, I’m going to start work this afternoon on a session store API sample.

Question: when reading core JavaScript documentation, do you prefer samples that you can run in a browser or samples that run in the JavaScript shell? I tend to prefer the latter, since it’s more interactive and lends itself to experimentation, but I realize that most people don’t actually have the shell built and installed.

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  3 Responses to “Destructuring assignment, part X”

  1. Shell. Point folks at Jesse’s JS Shell web page. Or maybe embed it next to the examples.

  2. There is also the remote shell at (requires telnet)

  3. Hello guy,

    really the most people won’t have the JS shell. But there is another problem:
    a lot of people reading it right now could be using Firefox 1.5 to browse the web and have the shell.

    The better alternative would be having both ways (click’n’run and copy and paste).

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