Sep 122006

Well, almost.

Apple’s upcoming “iTV” device sounds promising. It’s not quite what I want though. I want something just like it, but with a DVD player built into it.

Ideally it would also have DVR capabilities, with a coax input for digital cable and a CableCARD slot so it would serve as a cable box.

I’d so buy that.

As it stands, I’m only semi-interested. A lot depends on the details that aren’t really known yet. Will it have the ability to buy movies and music on the box itself? Can it share that content out to other machines?

The big issue though is that the videos you buy through iTMS (is anyone ever going to not call it that, despite the rename today?) aren’t HD resolution. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to watch NTSC-grade movies on my high-definition TV. I hope Apple bumps to HD-grade video.

Another question I have — as yet unanswered — I’ve got about 8-10 TV shows I’ve bought already. Do I get upgraded 640×480 versions of those now?

Time will tell, I suppose.

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