Sep 122006

Down to just the nsISessionStore sample to finish up and as far as I’m concerned, the developer docs for Firefox 2 are finished. The sample program is about 90% done now, just trying to figure out a couple of last details so I can wrap it up, write some text explaining how it works, and add it to the article.

Just as I was feeling a heady sense of accomplishment on that, I found myself drawn into the seedy world of twiddling user docs the last couple of days. It’s a very different kind of writing, and requires something of a gear shift. Fortunately it turned out that others did most of the real writing and I just needed to put together a patch and keep my eyes out and make sure any future updates that are needed get done to drive it for Firefox 2.

Hopefully we’ll find someone else whose job it will be for Firefox 3, since user docs really aren’t my specialty. I just submitted a patch to hopefully bring the Firefox 2 docs all up to date (Waldo did most of the work though — I just put some polish on, and not much at that since it was already pretty shiny when I got my mitts on it).

It’s not easy writing user docs, especially when it’s about code you didn’t write yourself.

I’ve still got a lengthy list of stuff to work on after Firefox 2 is done. That’s the best part about a dynamic project like this — there’s always work to be done. Not just with new stuff, but even bringing older material up to snuff.

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  2 Responses to “What’s up, docs?”

  1. Great of you to do this work.

    By the way, I love your layout, especially the fake lines in the text area (though resizing text makes them break). However, the comments boxes are surrounded by white and have almost no border, so it’s hard to see where they are.

  2. The text box looks different in different browsers. In some it looks great (Camino, for example). In others, it looks just like any other text box (Safari, for example). And it tends to look not quite right in Firefox. I like the theme enough to put up with the quirkiness though. :)

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