Sep 182006

Doesn’t appear to be possible to Undo deleting a message in Thunderbird. Having to root around in the trash for messages deleted by accident is so distasteful. :)

Things are going a little better than last time. I’m building the current TB2 code now to try it out. Anyone out there using it already that can indicate how stable it is right now?

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  10 Responses to “TB experiment: undon’t”

  1. Quite stable. At least the build from Sept. 12th I’m still using. ;-)

  2. cntl-z/cmd-z (win/mac) works just fine for undeleting email.

  3. Hm, it’s not working for me. How interesting.

  4. I’m using IMAP too, but not Mac, though undo working fine here on nightly trunk.

    Remember to play with all the new features in 2.0 :)

  5. Been a while since I built TB; this is taking a very long time. :)

  6. Perhaps you are in a folder that is displaying only unread messages? I have this problem sometimes. I click an unread message and read it. In the process, its read status changes from unread to read. Then I delete the message. Then I undelete it. But since its read status is now read, and my folder view is showing only unread messages, it doesn’t reappear in the thread pane, so I think the undelete didn’t happen.

  7. Hmm, to * Undo delete/move messages to given folder try the Remove Duplicate Messages extention;

    Havent tried it…..doesnt seem to be for me…..and cntl-z/cmd-z doesnt seem to work for me either…hm….only in my eminent FF

  8. Eh…ops!……to sleepy hmm it reads; Planned Changes:
    * Compare message body
    * Undo delete/move messages to given folder
    * Dialog with duplicate messages: Realy delete messages, do not move to trash…but maybe soon Shep…..

  9. ctrl-z works for me (win32).

    btw, I’m using the trunk as my daily mail app and it’s very stable.

  10. If it’s IMAP, you might be getting bit by a weird bug some people have seen with IMAP where we get stuck in a mode where IMAP deletes aren’t getting registered with the undo manager, and thus playing them back doesn’t happen. You can tell by looking at the edit menu and seeing if undo delete is even enabled. If you restart, the problem tends to go away until something triggers it again. I’ve only seen this with’s imap server, fwiw.

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