Sep 192006

So I had to print out an email (I get a lot of emails that I have to print out).

What’s the deal with the grey background when I print the message? That’s whacked!

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  2 Responses to “TB experiment: printing”

  1. Yes, I just upgraded to Thunderbird and still having that problem. I asked at MozillaZine, but no response yet.

  2. Thats intersting, I have a the same (similar) problem in firefox when colouring table rows. From what I can tell, if any of the TR tags has a colored (grey) background, and the TABLE tag doesn’t have a backgroud colour specified, the whole page prints with a grey background. Looking at the webpage in firefox only shows the expected TR with a grey background. I should probably file a bug, as you would expect that when you turn on PRINT BACKGROUND COLORS, you would get pretty much what you are looking at on your computer screen, not so.

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