Sep 282006

Now that it seems that Firefox 2 developer documentation is “done” (in that there’s nothing that’s immediately in need of doing, to my knowledge), I’m moving on to other tasks.

I’ve asked on dev.planning if there’s any developer documentation needed for Thunderbird 2, but there’s been no response on that yet, so for now I’ll assume there isn’t.

I’m trying to get myself into work on my first “extension dissection” article, where I take an existing third-party extension and show how it works, but I’m having trouble picking the extension I want to pull apart. Nothing’s really grabbing me, shaking me violently, and saying, “Dude, dissect me!”

In the meantime, I’ve started attending the Gran Paradiso (Firefox 3) meetings, so I can start becoming aware of what’s going on there, since that’ll be the next major documentation effort.

I have several other documents I plan to write or update, and of course there’s always twiddling needed.

I’m not sure what to think. This is the first time… ever… I think, that I’ve been involved in documenting a product where we actually finished the docs before the product went out the door.

Of course, there’s still tons of documentation to write. Which is why we’re looking for a new tech writer to add to the devrel team. Know any good ones?

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  8 Responses to “Moving On”

  1. Maybe check out “nuke anything” extension, or

  2. You could always help us write docs for Camino… ;)


  3. I think it would be interesting to see Adblock Plus torn apart, or one of the other popular extensions.

    I’d suggest FireFTP, but I’m pretty sure that extension is massive.

  4. Does Camino have developer doc issues? :)

  5. Camino doesn’t have developers docs issue, but end-users one.

    I would pick up a nice Thunderbird extension named enigmail -> its complex enough for you to show most of what’s needed for an exentsion.

  6. Nuke Anything is too simple to bother with. I’d suggest something like ForecastFox. It’s a popular extension, it does a lot of interesting things, and the code is non-trivial.

  7. I’d be interested in seeing a dissection of the Mouse Gestures extension.

  8. I second Enigmail.

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